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Saying what you want to say-

in verse is quite good fun.

Being a little more sincere

or insulting is easily done.

One one hand you can come across

un-characteristically enthusiastic

and on the other you can deliver a line-

bordering sarcastic! 

Over the years I've has so much fun

that I've developed quite a few.

So I'd thought I'd start this website

and share them all with you.

Verses for every occasion,

and the subject matter is still growing.

But I hope you enjoy what is available

With assurances it is on-going.

You'll find some quite long ones

written for friends and relations.

There's various Birthday Rhymes and Verse

New Home and Congratulations.

You'll also find some Wedding ones

and some for those Difficult Times.

Valentines for you romantics,

and even some Christmas ones!

There is couple of little messages

for the expectant mother to be

and even ones to and from the Dog.

If your a little mad . . like me!

Sympathy messages to express your sadness:

empathy and sorrow,

messages of Get Well Soon,

expect you back at work tomorrow!

Messages of thank you from the heart

for your special friends and relations.

Be original and have some fun with

rhyming Party Invitations.

Valentine Verse:

Pretty much all you need to say-it-in-verse on the most romantic day of the year!

Anonymous Verses

First Love Verses

To the one I love verses

BFF Verse

Humourous Football Related Valentine Verses


Personally I don't think to send Easter Cards or gifts to adults, I think it's another one of those for the kiddies.
Maybe that's just me?  Find here free verse aimed generally at the little one's wishing them a Happy Easter and letting them know of their Easter Egg hunt or the Easter Bunny's successful delivery!!!


Whether you want to celebrate or dwell on lockdown. This is the place. Lockdown has not been pleasant on anybody, but it does do good to laugh about shit sometimes. 


Having many Irish friends, acquaintances and customers I was asked if I would add a page of St Patrick's Day verse. I'll be honest, none of this work is my own. But, the old one's are the best as they say, and in this case I'll agree . .

So below is some lovely feedback I have received; this REQUESTS link will take you to the many bespoke verses I have written free of charge for many readers.

LOVE getting feedback for

Imagine my delight when I received these!

We have taken your stunning poem "She was so very special And was so from the start" altered it slightly for Jessica our beloved grandaughter who never made it home from the intensive care nursery (11 Months). We are using it today at her funeral. Our hearts are completely broken but it is very important to our family to have a secular expression of our love for her. We couldn't be more grateful for your talent.Thank you Kerry.  Granni

Hi Kerry, Just came across your website by chance. Your content is amazing. I'm into my card making and always looking for new materiel for verses so thank you for the gift of your words. Kindest regards and continued success. Margaret

Hello Kerry. Thank you very very much for the verses you sent me. I think they are all great. Just 1 problem.....they are all that good i dont know which 1 to use!!! Keep up the good work. I think what you write is great. Once again thank you very much. Best Wishes from Marlene.

Your verses are like a breath of fresh air! I regularly trawl the internet for verses on a wide variety of subjects and just couldn't believe how charming your work is, don't know how long your website has been running but rest assured I will definitely visiting again and will be telling my friends about this wee gem! Heather

You really said this site is new with all these lovely words.. When the site gets old is gonna fly then. Am impressed, and i got what i really want. Thanks! And bravooo!----Some friends just moved to a new house and your poem "May your troubles be less..." is lovely and perfect. Thank you Kerry.  Pam

Just found your site after looking for a free verse for my sons 30th birthday.I have been on many sites but your verses are lovely, and you have a verse for everything and free as well. So i would like to say Thank you so much  Stella x

Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely Remembering Mum verses. Made me cry. - moya


Thank you Kerry for those verses, They were just the ticket, Now to make a lovely card, and choose one to stick in it. Keith

Hello, I luckily stumbled across your site while looking for verses to put in the cards that I make. I have spent the last hour reading and am no where near done reading everything. You do a wonderful job with words!!! Thank You!


I just happened to stumble upon your website looking for a verse - as simple, cute, clean cut verse for my grandson.

I have just come across your site and think it is wonderful well done I will certainly be visiting it again thankyou.  Pam


I got exactly what I wanted Will be reading out your verse in the assembly, to the school children. Thank you. Vera.

The verses were awesome. It was hard to choose. We decided to go with the first one.


Keep on creating. Thanks soooooo much. Greatly appreciate your talent.

Sincerely, Ann Vaccarino

Fantastic! That is really great. You are a Whiz Kid!  Lois xx


Just came across your website by chance. Your content is amazing. Margaret


OMG!!! they are wonderful. You have the talent with words putting them into verses. Keep up the good work :) Donna

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