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Welcome to Say it in Verse, bringing to you Verse, Rhyme and Poems for all occasions.

I am not much of a writer. When it comes to words, I stumble, struggling to sound sincere and trying not to sound over the top.

I also find that "inspiration" fails me when I need it most and I rarely manage to sound unique.

This won't appeal to everyone, but when I write in verse I feel as though I get the balance right. I can be sincere and gushy and then add a line filled with humour for comfort and it's unique.

For many years I have penned verses for friends, relatives and colleagues. I have always enjoyed it and I have always enjoyed the laughter, smiles or words of appreciation that I have received from the people who have read them.

So, after much encouragement I decided to start this website to share my work with you and with one aim, to give you, my visitors, many ways to express all the things that one could possibly wish to send to another person.

At this point, you can navigate away from my homepage and go seek what you are looking for, (sincerely I hope you find it, if you don't please feel free to contact me, using the contact me page) or you can stay and read me,


Saying what you want to say-

in verse is quite good fun.

Being a little more sincere

or insulting is easily done.

One one hand you can come across

un-characteristically enthusiastic

and on the other you can deliver a line-

bordering sarcastic!

Over the years I've has so much fun

that I've developed quite a few.

So I'd thought I'd start this website

and share them all with you.

Verses for every occasion,

and the subject matter is still growing.

But I hope you enjoy what is available

With assurances it is on-going.

You'll find some quite long ones written for friends and relations.

There's various Birthday Rhymes and Verse

New Home and Congratulations.

You'll also find some Wedding ones

and some for those Difficult Times.

Valentines for you romantics,

and even some Christmas ones!

There is couple of little messages

for the expectant mother to be

and even ones to and from the Dog.

If your a little mad . . like me!

Sympathy messages to express your sadness:

empathy and sorrow

messages of Get Well Soon,

expect you back at work tomorrow.

Messages of thank you from the heart

for your special friends and relations.

Be original and have some fun with

rhyming Party Invitations.

SBI! Quick Tour

I LOVE getting feedback for

Imagine my delight when I

received these!

The verses were awesome.  It was hard to choose. We decided to go with the first one.   

Keep on creating.  Thanks soooooo much. Greatly appreciate your talent.


Ann Vaccarino

Fantastic! That is really great. 

You are a Whiz Kid!

xx Lois

Just came across your website by chance. Your content is amazing.


I just happened to stumble upon your website looking for a verse - as simple, cute, clean cut verse for my grandson.

OMG!!! they are wonderful. You have the talent with words putting them into verses. Keep up the good work :)


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Find here verses for Christenings.

Verses of welcome to your new home.

With the school year drawing to a close, find messages of Thank you for all those hard working teachers.

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I sincerely hope you have found what you're looking for.
If you haven't please do not hesitate to contact me.
Any ideas or requests are more than welcome.


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