1st Birthday

1st Birthday

Here you'll find a growing collection of special 1st Birthday verse.

Poems and Rhymes for a special little ones First birthday.

Printable and free for your personal (non commercial) use.

This card for you is just to say,

this year's been so much fun.

Enjoy your Birthday sweetheart,

now that your turning ONE.

As you celebrate your special day

Nanny and Grandad send you love,

wrapped up in lots of hugs and kisses,

of which your very deserving of.

You are our little ray of sunshine,

You bring delight to us each day.

A right and proper Angel.

On this your special day.

You're a very special little boy

who's loved in every way. . .

for bringing joy and laughter

to each and every day.

So happy and so full of fun

and such a good boy too

you make the world a nicer place

with everything you do.

So now that your first Birthday's here

may all your dreams come true. .

for no-one else deserves them more

than a special boy like you.

So here you are, one year old

Twelve months have surely flown

from babe in arms to toddler

Oh (name), how you have grown.

You have a little man haircut

Your toothy pegs are now on show

It won't be too long now when those

chunky wrists and thighs will go.

Your a proper cheeky monkey

with a dribbling sloppy smile.

But we love you oh so very much

This last year's been so worthwhile

We've enjoyed every minute

With you it's so much joy

You such a delightful baby

My bonny baby boy.

You are our little ray of sunshine,

You bring delight to us each day.

Sent with love, wrapped in hugs & kisses

On your special 1st Birthday.

2nd Birthday

Another year on, how fast the time,

(Name) is two today.

Independence grows with confidence

Terrible Two's are on their way

We look back to life before you

and wonder how did we fill our days?

What did we do that was so important?

Do you know, we couldn't say.

You bought meaning into our life

and fill our every waking hour.

It's like you have some hold on us,

some magical, mystical power.

Whatever it is, we love it,

and this is an opportunity to say.

How so very much we love you.

Enjoy your very first Birthday.

Now you've reached your special birthday

Twelve months have surely flown

You've cut some lovely toothy pegs

and boy, have you grown!

We've battled through the worst of it

demand feeding and sleepness nights.

And as you have developed

you have everything in your sights.

You are a little monkey

of that there's no mistaking.

you wrap us round your finger,

a Daddy's girl in the making.

But we love you so very dearly

and today's your special day.

We send love and best wishes

As you enjoy your first Birthday.

Amongst all the firsts we'll share with you,

your first Birthday is so sweet.

You fill our days in so many ways,

you've made our lives complete.

I can't believe it's come so soon

How quick the year has gone

from a newborn to a toddler.

Today as you turn 1.

With all my love of (arsenal)

I wanted you to be a boy.

To get you into football

Would be oh, such a joy.

Although your not quite running

Not yet a football star

with those dribbling skills you have

I believe you could go far.

Happy 1st Birthday little man

Enjoy your special day

and make that wish for (arsenal)

for whom one day you could play.

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