Across the miles at Christmas

Do you have loved ones across the miles?

Christmas time is a lovely time but made so much harder when loved ones live so far away. Send your thoughts, love and best wishes to your loved ones across the miles.

Ok, so not physically here in person, that's true

My heart feels like it's left me to be with you.

May the best of all that's Christmas come your way

May you (both) enjoy your special day.

Thinking of you at Christmas time

Where there's no fear of snow

Instead you'll spend your Christmas

Under the sun's warming glow.

No doubt you'll still have all the bits

That'll tell you Christmas is here

The Christmas lights and decorations

and all the Christmassy gear.

The sunny Christmas weather

Will no doubt fit your mood

You'll be able to go outside

Without considering warm clothes and shoes!

But no! Don't feel bad for the rest of us

Stuck with cold weather and ice.

While you wallow in the warmth

of your Christmas paradise!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

In your warm and sunny climate

Wishing you and yours a great one

No! Don't you worry about us mate!

Please don't think I'm jealous

We've got Christmas in Ice and Snow

Not a personal preference understand

It's cause we've got no-where else to go

Just coz you're alright Jack

Spending Christmas in some heat

If we were to turn up -

Would you put us on the street?

Sending loving thoughts from us to you

As Christmastime draws near.

With hope that they make the miles

Between us, disappear.

Sending Christmas Wishes

Across the miles to my mate

In some hope that the wishes sent

Make the miles not so great.

As Christmas time draws closer

I/We think of you more

As the miles between us seem wider

Than ever before.

It's Christmas time and we're not together

You don't know how much I wish we could

So consider this a hug in an envelope

And I hope that it feels good.

It's Christmas time and we're not together

You don't know how much I wish we could

So consider this hugs in an envelope

And I hope that it feels good.

There's a hug from me, the BIGGEST one,

with meanings of so much more!

(The kids send the loveliest one's

As it's you they so adore.)


(name) sends the bestest one

As it's you he/she so adores)

So try and have a good time

On Christmas Day this year

With prayers that you'll be home soon

As we so wish to feel you near.

Please take some comfort

In I/We wish you were here

To show you in person

Just how much I/We care.

Consider this the biggest hug in a card

That you will ever receive

And know that I/we will see you

Just as soon I/we can take leave.

Sending our love across the miles

Wishing that this brings lots of smiles

I/We trust that this card finds you well.

and know we miss you more than words can tell.

Oh how I wish we could be togther

I hate knowing you're so far away.

I know that you're doing your duty,

Even on Christmas Day.

I pray that you'll be home soon

We've been apart for far too long

I cannot wait to see you, hold you, kiss you . .

Take care my love, stay strong.

Although we won't be together

I miss you while we apart.

So I'm sending you all of my love

for you to store safely in your heart.

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