Anniversary Verse

Anniversary Verses

Please find here Anniversary Verses for your non commercial use.

There are two links on this page: One full of verse to each other and the other full of verse to the special couple.

Silver, Ruby, Golden and Diamond all found here - many of the verses will work if the anniversary is not a milestone one.  

While we're on the subject of Anniversaries, I thought i'd be helpful

and include the UK list.

Most of us remember that the 25th is Silver, 40th Ruby and 50th Gold, but what about those in between or beyond.

Amaze your partners by getting them a really appropriate present.

Hope it comes in handy.

1st  is PAPER

2nd is COTTON

3rd is LEATHER

4th is BOOKS

5th is WOOD

6th is IRON

7th is WOOL

8th is BRONZE

9th is COPPER

10th is TIN

11th is STEEL

12th is SILK

13th is LACE

14th is IVORY

15th is CRYSTAL

20th CHINA

25th is SILVER

30th is PEARL 

35th is CORAL

40th is  RUBY

45th is SAPPHIRE

 50th is GOLDEN

 55th is EMERALD 

60th is DIAMOND 


70th is PLATINUM 


80th is OAK 

Leave Anniversary Verse and head for home.

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