April 29 2011
A Royal Occasion!

Do you know someone who has a Birthday on April 29 2011?
Jokey birthday verses to show you just cannot let it pass.

I never thought I'd add a page
that would have a very short life
All due to our Prince William
taking Kate as his lovely Wife.

If I knew someone who was sharing the day
I have to pass comment if it were due
Having your day on a special bank holiday
Lucky, Lucky you!

Happy Birthday you lucky thing.

You're sure to have a great day.

You can have all your loved ones around you

and no one needs to take holiday!

We wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Your bound to have a great day.

Your lucky as you can have the day off

Without having to book holiday!

You get to have the day off

when you would normally be at work.

Thank's to Wills and Kate

You get an extra Birthday Perk!

Someone else getting married on the same day as the Royal couple, here are some verses . .

We know you booked the day first-

quite some time ago.

It was your day, your special one.

But back then you weren't to know.

But what luck! The day you chose

later came the day of a royal wedding.

You sent your invitations without fear

of your guests not attending.

We believe it's a sign of lucky times

and wish for you both lots more.

With nothing but love and happiness

Coming through your door.

Your guests can't use the excuse,

"I can't get the holiday!"

Now that Wills and Kate

have booked their wedding day.

The day of a royal wedding

What a lucky wedding perk

As you and your guests can all attend

without taking the day off of work!

We believe it's a sign of lucky times

and believe they'll be lots more-

with nothing but love and happiness

coming through your door.

So you leapt quickly in the moment

and booked your wedding day

as you knew your guests could attend

without taking holiday.

It is however appreciated

that we had no problem being here today

and wish for you a special day

that's perfect in every way.

Having a party on April 29 2011?
Send invitations in verse.

We're having our own

Royal Wedding celebration

So here is your very own

VIP Invitation.

I'm celebrating a birthday

and it's a special one

I am goin to be (00)

and I'll love you to come.

It's double celebration

Because of Wills and Kate

So come and enjoy the party

and try not to be too late.

April 29th, you know the date,

The day that our William marries Kate

Well it's also my Birthday

A special one

So come along and join in the fun.

We thought we'd join in

With our own celebrations

And send all our friends

our VIP Invitation.

It's at (place) at (time)

You won't forget the date

Please bring a bottle

and try not to be late!

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