Baby First Christmas Verse

Are you looking for original and free Baby First Christmas Verse?

Because Christmas memories are just the best and last forever, send unique Christmas wishes to celebrate the first special Christmas of the most recent family member.

Plenty of Baby First Christmas Verse, Poetry, Rhymes found here. I hope you find what you seek and I very much hope you enjoy them.

You're maybe a little small just yet,

to understand the magic Christmas brings.

But when something already good turns great-

It’s always down to the “little things!”

As it’s “little you” that’s bought the magic.

As we share your first Christmas today.

As we just know that over the years to come

That magic is here to stay.

We know you won’t remember the

Christmas memories you helped create this year

But those first Christmas memories are so special

We will forever hold them dear.

As future Christmas’s come and go

Many more memories will be made

For us to hold onto forever

Special memories that'll never fade.

Sharing our first Christmas with you

Means more than words can say

We so hope you’ll feel that extra magic

Inside our home today.

We understand you’re so very little

Unlikely to take much in this year

But the “extra magic” is all down to you

And we’re so glad to have you here.

The best thing about Baby's First Christmas

And I know this will be true,

Whilst we celebrate it this year

We’ll do again in the future with you.

For the wonder and the magic of Christmas

Will one day come alive for you

And it’ll be like your first one all over again

An experience all new.

But we're not wishing the years away

your first Christmas will bring such pleasure

Giving us precious happy memories

Which we will forever treasure.

Your very first Christmas with us

Is such a very special one!

We wish for you the best of days

Full of pressies and lots of fun

From the time that you wake up

until you go nighty night.

I so hope that your first Christmas

Is an absolute delight.

Babies are such little treasures

more precious than silver and gold.

Their presence makes a family special

and helps make a house, a home.

So as it's (name) first Christmas

where memories are kept in the heart.

We hope (his/her/name) first one

Is wonderful from the start.

A babies first Christmas

Is such a special one.

I/We wish for you the best of days

Full of pressies and lots of fun.

From the minute that you wake up

until we tuck you in at night.

I/We hope that your first Christmas

Is an absolute delight. x

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