Belated Birthday Verse

Have you forgotten a birthday?  tut tut!

Send your apologies, belated birthday wishes in verse. 

I'm sorry I forgot your Birthday

I really have no excuse

But just in case I do it again

Next year, please drop me some clues.

There must have been a good excuse

as to how I forgot your day.

Wasn't there a hurricane?

Or at least force 4 gale that day.

Didn't we have 10 inches of snow

that prevented me getting out?

Or was it a tornado

throwing things about?

Obviously it was none of things

and to you I must apologise.

I admit to you I got it so wrong

I won't fill you with any lies!

I hope you had a smashing day

and I hope got spoilt rotten

please accept my birthday wishes

however late you got them!

I am pretty useless

and I'll admit that I forgot

But you know me pretty well

I'll forget more often than not.

Please don't think

that I don't care.

Because I forgot your birthday.

Because I wasn't there.

Without going into detail

times have been pretty tough.

We catch up soon and talk about it

I promise soon enough.

Right now, it's about you

and the birthday girl you are

I hope you've had the best one

the best one ever by far!

I couldn't have forgot your Birthday

It's not something I do

But something tells me I mucked up

The last year has just flew.

So please accept these belated wishes

and apologies from me to you

I so owe you something pretty

It's the very least I could do.

I'm late again!

Aren't I always?

I will remember

one of these days!

So sorry

I let you down again

I'm very lucky

to have you as a friend.

Belated birthdays

sent from me to you

Let me take you out

I owe you a few


Let me take you out

It's the least I could do!

Do i need to grovel?

Get down on my knees and plead

Plead for your forgiveness

Is that what you need?

Baby, I hope you can be forgiving

and not make my life not worth living!

I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday

I promise I'll make it up to you in some way.

No excuses

I missed your day

Belated birthday wishes

are sent your way

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