Birthday Invitation Verses

Get your Birthday Invitation remembered. . . Say It In Verse.

Invitations can be found here for a Surprise Party and Birthday Parties, some geared for those special numbers. Excuse the (brackets) as you read, I have to put something in for it to sound ok.
Obviously change the words in brackets to suit you.

We're celebrating a Birthday

It's meant to be a surprise

It's for (name) who is (number)

So on you we do rely

Just turn up on the date below

and please do not be late

As we don't need you and (name)

Arriving together at the gate!

Should you find you can't attend

Please please don't be rude

Let us know well in advance

So we can adjust the food.

And if (name) should enquire

Please practise your own lies

Cause in case I didn't mention


(please do not forget to mention when, where what time and RSVP contact details) or . . .

It's on a (day) in (month)

The (date) is the date.

Arrive before 7:30 and

please please do not be late.

I'm having a Birthday Party

It is a special one

You are invited to it

So, please do come along

It's on a (day) in (month)

The (date) if you are free

Arrive around 7:30 ish

If you would please RSVP.

We're having a massive party!

It's going to be a big one.

Here's a Birthday Invitation for you and all of yours

Who are welcome to come along.

It's on a (day) in (month)

The (date) to be precise

Arrive around 7:30 ish

If you would RSVP, that'll be nice

We're having a little shindig

and we'd love you to attend

and all because we want to spend

some good times with our friends.

It's on a (day) in (month)

The (date) to be precise

Arrive around 7:30 please

If you could RSVP, that'll be nice.

We're celebrating a birthday

And it's a special one

Cause (name) is (number)

So you really have to come

As now's the opportunity

It really does make sense

To rub it in and have a laugh

at (name) expense.

Turning (00)

is so much fun.

Let's have a party . .

second to none!

Join in the party

Join in the fun.

Your invited to the best

Birthday Party under the sun!

(name) is (00)

and we're all set.

To throw her/him a party

That he/she will never forget.

We're doing the baking

and icing the cake!

We're having a birthday party

that we hope you can make!

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