Christening verses for godparents

On this day, the day of your baptism

As a Godparent, I stand to say

I promise to guide and protect you

and help you on your way.

I will always try to do my best

and be someone who can be admired

I want the very best for you.

You are my special Godchild.

I hope one day you’ll know my/our pride

Of being here today standing at your side

Making promises to all, that in all you do

That I’ll/we’ll always be here, especially for you.

You’ve been a special blessing

Since the day that you arrived,

Bringing so much happiness

filling our hearts with pride…

So now that it’s your Christening Day,

With family and friends there

”I promise that I’ll give you my best

to keep you sheltered in my care.”

Standing here holding you today

I cannot find the words the say

I'll repeat the lines as I know I should

And promise to be an influence good

I’ll always try to do my best

Maybe you’ll put me through the test.

As your Godparent I’m walking tall

Full of love, for one so small.

As your Godparent, I’m walking tall

Full of love, for one so small.

Just a little note to let you know

We’ll be here for you as you bloom and grow

Always in your life, never far away

There for you for when you need us one day.

I shall stand there in the church today

and when the vicar/priest asks me to

I will stand there and will solemnly swear

That I promise to help care and nuture you.

As your Godparent, on your special day

I am honoured and feel blessed.

To be a part of your future

For you . . I'll do my best.

I consider myself very honoured

to become your Godparent today.

I promise I will do my best

for you in every way.

I will be here as you grow

and I'll watch you make your way,

and anytime you need me

I'll be there, night or day.

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