Christmas Verse for Children

Christmas is such a wonderfully magical time especially for the young ones.

So here is a collection of unique Christmas verse for children, kids, kiddies.

The name in (brackets) in most cases could be replaced by almost any name.

Have you been to visit him?

Have you sat upon his lap?

Have you looked into that jolly face?

Have you checked you're on his map?

Are you on his naughty list or

have you been good just like you should?

Cause you know that Santa

comes only to those who have been good!

Christmas is such a magical time

For ALL little girls and boys

and I/we wish for you a very special one

Filled with fun and lots of noise.

May all your Christmas dreams come true.

For a special little girl/boy like you.

We hope Santa delivers presents galore

and a Christmas with so much fun in store.

Remember that you must go to sleep

and not stay awake to take a peep.

See Father Christmas always knows

and to your house he may not go.

He has such a busy night

and such a long hard flight.

So be sure to leave him something nice to snack

to give him strength carrying that sack!

I/We wish you a really magical day

That's special for you in every way.

For a very special (Grandson) who

is so special in every way.

Here's our special warm and loving wishes

For a happy Christmas Day.

For one so little and so special

In so very many ways.

You fill our hearts completely.

We wish you the best of Christmas Days.

It's Christmas, time to hang your stocking up

and to make those Christmas wishes too.

As we wish for Christmas to be the one best ever

Full of love and joy for you.

This Christmas wish is just for you

And it's a special one

We hope this special Christmas time

Will bring you lots of fun.

If you've been dreaming of nice things

May all your dreams come true

And it's hoped your Christmas is just the best

Dear (son/daughter), just like you.

At this magical time of year

May all your Christmas wishes come true

For no-one else deserves them more

than a special (Granddaughter) like you.

Christmas is such an exciting time

The time when Santa does his rounds

He comes to all little girls and boys

While they sleep not making a sound.

When you wake in the morning

All your gifts are under the tree

I can imagine your face as you unwrap them

a picture of excitement and glee.

At this magical time of year

May all your Christmas wishes come true

This card comes wrapped in all my/our love

Especially for you.

Well my little darling

Christmas is here

We must have everything ready

for Santa to appear.

You need to hang your stocking up

and you need to go to sleep.

I/We'll know you'll be excited

but you really mustn't peep.

I'm/We're sure you're dreaming of a Christmas

Full of fun and special things

So we hope that your dreams come true

In the magic Christmas brings.

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