Christmas Verse for that someone special.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife or Husband - Let your special someone know just how much they mean to you at Christmas.

Send them a card with a extra special christmas verse.

Here's an idea for the best Christmas present EVER!

My Christmas would not be right

Without my special Christmas wish

for my very special Husband

who brings me so much happiness.

What's the biggest gift at Christmas?

Oh that's so easy for me.

As it doesn't come wrapped in paper

placed under the Christmas Tree.

For me the best gift at Christmas,

is one that lasts all year through.

and that would be having a Wife/Husband

As wonderful/loving/beautiful/handsome as you!

In everything I do in life

You always play a part

and that's due to loving thoughts of you

forever in my heart.

Everything I've ever dreamt or wished

You've always tried to make come true

So at Christmas time know this my darling

How dearly I love you.

If I could put you under our Christmas Tree

Somewhere neatly on the floor

Gift wrapped especially just for me

I couldn't love you more.

Whilst that seems a bit ridiculous

I'd have the gift I'd most adore

Far better than the most expensive thing

bought in any designer store.

Optional :-)

The writing of this verse though

Does give me a wicked plan

I need to find some Christmas Paper

Big enough for a Man!

Would you sit beneath the Christmas Tree

and be my Christmas present?

You'd make my Christmas wish come true

A present . . very pleasant!

Please sit beneath our/my Christmas Tree

and be my Christmas wish so desired?

and would you stick this label on your bottom (label inc)

No batteries or assembly required! :-)

There's a whole list of reasons

Why your my Christmas gift most desired.

But the top of my list would have to be -

No assembly or batteries required! :-)

I don't have a wish for Christmas

or a dream I'd like to come true .

because all I ever wanted-

I found when I met you.

This special Christmas greeting

that comes from someone who

thinks there's no one in the world

as wonderful as you.

With all the love we/I can muster

This message is sent to say

That I/we wish you a Merry Christmas

In my/our very special way.

So I/we wish you all the happiness

to last the whole year through

and just to cap it off by saying

name) I/we do love you.

This greeting's filled with special thanks

for all the things you do,

and all the happiness you bring

by helping dreams come true.

It's also filled with lots of love

and brings a chance to show,

at Christmas and the whole year through

You're loved more than you know.

A special verse for special friends at Christmas time.

Christmas is such a special time

It does makes you stop to reminisce -

Especially of all the many hours spent

Discussing that and this

The smiles, the laughter that we have shared

The many special things we've done.

All makes the friendship that we share

A very special one!

The Christmas season is always such

A special time to share

So this comes with love and kisses

To show you how much I care

I do sincerely hope that

This Christmas time will bring

The dearest Husband in the world

The best of everything.

This Christmas message

Is specially for you

and it's sent with a love

That's eternal and true.

So now that it's Christmas

It's time that you knew

That no-one could ever

Be loved more than you.

On the eve of Christmas

I want to have you near

I want to wrap my arms around you

And hold you my darling dear.

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