Christmas Verse
from the Baby

I know,I know babies cannot speak . .  but what if those gurgles and  coo's could be translated ?

Christmas Verse from the baby celebrating their first Christmas as a family.

(I have had requests for these.)

Words yet I cannot speak

As I am only small

But I manage the gurgles and giggles

and the occasional BAWL!

But just so you have something from me

To mark our Christmas Day

I thought I'd dribble in your card

In my special christmassy way.

The dribble leaves a message

with cuddles and lots of love

Wishing my Mummy and Daddy-

a Christmas they're dreaming of. x

If only I could say the words

These are the words I'd say

I love you both with all my heart

and wish you both a fantastic holidays.

As memories go, mine won't be much

but through photo’s I will look back and say

"What fun and joy we all shared,

on our first family Christmas Day."

I am too young to say these words

But these would be the words I'd say,

"I love you both so very much

and I wish you a fantastic Christmas Day."

My gurgles and my chatter won't quite be understood

But if they could be translated, they'd translate to something good.

I am a very happy baby in a happy family

and our first Christmas together will be very special I can see x


I know that I am only small

And words yet I cannot speak.

My messages to you are usually visual

and sometimes boy - they reek!

So with the help of clever translation

In my own Christmas baby way

I send lots of love in gurgles and dribbles

On our first family Christmas Day


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