Coming of Age - The best time of your life

Here you'll find verses, poems and rhymes.
Sweet sixteen, Eighteen and Twenty Firsts. 

Coming of Age - 16

Your sixteen today, oh no what dread.

Stop these thoughts going round in my head.

From the babe in arms I held so tight,

not sleeping all through the night.

First words, first steps and onto school,

my clever daughter, she is no fool.

A spelling bee, she reads and writes,

loving learning, to our delight.

The next few years things got tougher.

The teenage years are so much rougher.

Wanting to do things beyond your years,

not understanding your parents fears.

But despite the not always doing what she outta,

I am so proud of my wonderful daughter.

- o - o - o - o - o - o - o -

Coming of Age - 18

18 is a good age

where you can get away with a little more.

Your treated like an adult,

cause your not a child anymore.

Your behaviours not judged too harshly

as perhaps an older man.

Cause your expected to live, life, have fun

So do it while you can!

So you can vote

you can drink

take a wife

get a life!

Today it is your birthday,

and it's a special one.

The last of the doors open

Now that your 21.

Your 21 today!

I can't believe your 21 today

You've got the key of the door

If you believe in what they say.

Hope you have a wonderful day

It's such a special date.

Call together family and friends

You've just got to celebrate.

It's such a special milestone

being Twenty One

So enjoy this very special day

Go on and have some fun.

Wishing you a super Birthday

and these wishes are sent to you,

are your health, joy and happiness

To last your lifetime through.

It's such a massive milestone,

One I could not let go past.

Happy 21st (name)

Go on! Have a blast.

You’ve reached 16, your first milestone

It’s a lovely time for you

A little advice I have, if you don’t mind,

“In yourself be true.

You know by now right from wrong

Decisions are yours for the making

Do whatever you can to keep you happy

As life is for the taking.

Meanwhile, you’re only ever 16 once

Have yourself a day that’s good.

Go make yourself some memories

As a 16 year old should.


You’ve now entered the big league

It must feel pretty good

You’ve turned out an absolute credit

Just as everyone thought you would.

I guess it’s not really that surprising

You’ve always been such as joy

Bringing so much happiness

Since you were a little boy

Have the best of Birthdays

You’re bound to that’s for sure

As I cannot think of another young man

Who could possibly deserve it more!

Congratulations on being 18

You have the key to the door

May your future be filled with all you dream of

Happiness, Success and more. .

Twenty First Birthday wishes for our special son

You bring us endless joy.

You've been a source of love and pride

since you were just a boy.

You have always been so loving

and generous for your affection.

And that is why your 21st

Is a good time for reflection.

All those happy years

and Birthday years gone by

You appeared to grow up in an instant

that time just seemed to fly.

We've watched you shape your future

and strive to make your way.

You've chased your dreams and chosen goals

and you've lived fully every day.

And yet the bond between us

grows stronger year by year.

As our precious son is now a man

Who couldn't be more dear.

Your always in our hearts and minds

and will be forever more.

Because Son, you are everything

a parent could wish for.

You now have the rite of passage,

All doors have opened at last.

There's nothing left to look forward to

your youth has definately passed!

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