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You've achieved so much

and come so far.

Step by step striving to be-

better than you are.

You've worked so damned hard.

You've focused your mind.

While all the while

Trying to leave the fears behind.

I can't tell you just how much

I admire you!

You are amazing

and I'm so proud of YOU!

You really are so clever

We're so very proud of you

You've only gone and passed all your exams

What a wonderful thing to do.

Congratulations, you have qualified

after many years of learning.

But it'll be worth every penny

as now you can finally start earning!

Over the years, you've sure put yourself through it

You've laboured on with your education.

Extremely proud of you and all you've achieved

Now we here at your Graduation!

Very well done on all you've achieved

Your learning has sure been extreme

But it's been worth all that while

you can finally smile

As now you can follow your dream.

The fruits of your labour

have come to the fore.

You've got that (manager) position

You sure have worked hard

rarely off guard

Thanks to you and your burning ambition.

Congratulations to you, you have done it

You've achieved the desired results.

After all these years, you're no longer learning

You'll now have to mingle with adults.

Well done on your hard work and devotion

You've done it, you got your promotion.

You've worked with us for many years

But how far do you go to get away from your peers?

You could have stayed within the UK

But,oh no, instead you go miles away!

We won't take it personal

We won't take it to heart

Hope it's all you are dreaming of

right from the start.

You've passed first time! You did it!

You now have a licence to drive

So if your not doing much (weds) next week

Would you please pick me up around five?

Head Boy/ Head Girl Achievement

It’s evident, just how well you’ve done

and how you enjoy achieving.

Your school years so far have been a pleasure

Just a couple of years - you’ll be leaving.

But this little note is sent to say,

Just how proud of you we are,

As you’ve just been made Head Boy/Head Girl

which just proves you’re such a Star.

Such a wonderful achievement

and you should be proud too.

Because this demonstrates clearly

just what everyone thinks of you.

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