Diamond Jubilee Verse

Well here we are again

another Royal celebration

This time it's a Diamond Jubilee

and an extra Bank holiday for the nation.

Congratulations to Her Majesty

for 60 years as our Queen

Only ever done by Queen Victoria

A Royal feat rarely seen.

If I knew someone who was sharing the day

I have to pass comment if it were due

Having your day on a special bank holiday

Lucky, Lucky you!

To mark 60 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign, special Diamond Jubilee celebrations will take place over a "four day" weekend between Saturday 2nd June and Tuesday 5th June 2012.

A Diamond Jubilee has only ever been celebrated in the UK once before - Queen Victoria, who reigned for more than 60 years, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Queen Elizabeth came to the throne on 6th February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2nd June 1953.

Find here Diamond Jubilee Verse for street party notices/invites and for house parties. If you or someone you know have a Birthday on Tuesday 5th June send a birthday related Diamond Jubilee Verse.

In celebration of Diamond Jubilee

We're having a party in the street.

We want you all to be involved

A British Bank Holiday Treat.

We'll raise a glass to Her Majesty,

to her health we will toast.

To see if in ten years time

70 years we could boast.

In true British style

We celebrate this day

The Queens Diamond Jubilee

with a extra bank holiday.

We're grateful to have a long weekend

It's always a real treat

So we're going to throw a party

Out there, in the street.

Get out the bunting

Dress all in Red, White and Blue

Come out and celebrate with us

and be proud to be British too.

I'm not the biggest royalist

I may not be the Queens biggest fan.

But I love our British history

spanning back to when records began.

Our history is what makes it great

of that there's no mistaking.

This will go down in the record books

as it's history in the making!

Congratulations to Her Majesty

A Diamond Jubilee is no mean feat.

One is going to celebrate

with a party in the street.

We'll roll out the barrels

and dance to kness up Mother Brown.

In celebration of her Diamond Jubilee

we intend to paint the town.

Happy Birthday you lucky thing.

You're sure to have a great day.

You can have all your loved ones around you

and no one needs to take holiday!

We wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Your bound to have a great day.

Your lucky as you can have the day off

without having to book holiday!

You get to have the day off

when you would normally be at work.

Thank's to Her Majesty the Queen

You get an extra Birthday Perk!

Having a party on April 29 2011? Send invitations in verse.

We're having our own Diamond Jubilee celebration

So here is your very own

VIP Invitation.

We thought we'd join in

The Royal Celebrations

and send all our friends

our own VIP Invitation.

It's at (place) at (time)

You won't forget the date

Please bring a bottle

and try not to be late!

My personal message to Her Majesty

Congratulations and the best of wishes

are sincerely sent to the Queen

for reaching her Diamond Anniversary,

only once before seen.

There have certainly been some changes

in those 60 years at the helm

and we really mustn’t forget that she’s

also The Head of State for 16 realms.

There are some great and fantastic facts

for us to think about

She works so hard for us all

of that there is no doubt.

She’s the fortieth monarch to have reigned,

Twelve Prime Ministers she has known,

Six Popes and Archbishops have served

since Her Majesty’s been on the throne.

Around 175,000 telegrams have been sent

to those turning 100 years

and around 540,000 telegrams to couples

celebrating 60 married years.

261 official overseas trips

Far more than any other,

and in places never reached before

like Korea, China and Russia.

All those Christmas Broadcasts,

Remembrance days and services

Banquets, lunches, functions

and Royal Variety performances.

I dread to think how many speeches

have been written and given.

My favourite is the Golden Wedding speech

delivered in November ‘97.

I love how you complimented, Prince Philip

As your strength and as your stay,

and how a debt, greater that he would ever claim,

should surely come his way.

Congratulations to you and the best of wishes

60 years is no mean feat!

Many of us will be celebrating your achievement

with a party in the street!

So thanks for your hard work and duty,

Without you and your family,

we wouldn’t be the Great Britain we are-

on that, we can all agree.

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