Difficult Times Marriage

Difficult Times Marriage
All marriages/partnerships suffer ups and downs, but sometimes the downs stay down a litle to long and effort from both parties maybe required to pull things back into shape. Communicate your needs in verse to your partner to remind them of how things used to be and politely request some middle ground.

We all know it’s the little things

That begins to drive the wedge

And it’s usually another little thing

That’ll send it over the edge.

All marriages suffer ups and down

Little troughs and peaks

But usually the troughs

Last only a couple of weeks

This time it’s a little different

I’m sure you’ve noticed too

We need to work through this

I don’t want to just make do

So let’s make time for each other

To talk and find each other

We’ve had some tough times lately

With everything going on

Just lately it feels that as something goes right

It’s mirrored by something going wrong

It’s had its effect on our relationship

Things haven’t felt quite right

There’s this weird distance between us

When we lay down at night.

We both need to be aware of this

And stop this going stale

We must find some time for each other

Our marriage mustn’t fail.

We’ve both been a little distant

Both been a bit amiss

We’ve had some peaks and troughs before

But nothing quite as low as this

I need you to know I love you

And I need us to come through

So let’s start working together again

The way we used to do.

Things aren’t right

It needs to change

Our schedule’s

We need to re-arrange

We must find sometime

To set things straight

Get back on track

Before it’s too late

We all take things for granted

It’s a natural thing to do

When things are constantly done

To make life easier for you

It’s amazing how the little things

Can upset the way of life

Especially the life between

A Husband and his Wife

I need some appreciation

Not a lip service, to placate.

A little thank you here and there

That’s genuine, would be great.

In return, I’ll be more appreciative

and that’s a guarantee.

I start by saying, I Love You and Thank You

For all the things you do for me.

I know I love you dearly

But that’s not enough you see

I need to know I can trust you

And that you’ll no longer cheat on me.

I so want to forgive and move on

As I know we’ve not been right

We need to work together and

collectively put up a fight.

I promise I’ll do my up most

To put this all behind

But every now and then -

you know this thing will spring to mind.

If we both put equal effort in

And continue hand in hand

Then I’m sure the demons will eventually rest

And our marriage will once again stand.

I so much want to do this

and not throw it all away.

You’re telling me that you want it too

So let’s start without delay.

We’ve had a tough time lately

but we’ve come out of it positive.

Positive to try again

to learn, love and forgive.

I stumbled upon this quote

That I feel really does apply

“Every accomplishment starts

with the decision to try.”

I am so glad that’s where we’re at

and not throwing it all away.

Let’s banish all the storm clouds

and pray for sunshine again someday.

I know we’ve been though it lately-

We both have pain and sorrow.

But, “What is not started today

is never finished tomorrow.”

So let’s get stuck in and give it our all

and give it our best endeavour.

Soon I hope we’ll see sunny skies

and be rid of the stormy weather.

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