Difficult Times

Verses, Rhymes and Poems to help you express more in those difficult times.
You know those times when someone you love, admire, work with has to experience a
first without a loved one. Such a difficult time! We all appreciate those "firsts" must be so difficult. Maybe a teenager
sitting those all important exams maybe with the absense of one parent or someone you love
starting some treatment. You want to say something but worry about saying it right, maybe
somehow you can get away with a verse or two.
No longer in sympathy but more in empathy!
Take what you can and let someone you care about know your thinking of them deeply during thier difficult time.

You take your time

In your own way

Just little by little

Day by day.

I may not talk to you often

But know this to be true-

as you venture down this most unwelcome path

My thoughts are most definately with you.

With us/me across the miles

We/I had to write and say

That we're/I'm thinking of you so very much-

On this a difficult day.

I'm sorry that we/I can't be with you

Things just didn't go to plan

But just close your eyes and think hard.

We'll/I'll be right there holding your hand.

And someday very soon

When everything falls into place

We'll/I'll be there with you holding your hand.

And kissing your beautiful face.

But believe us when we say to you

and we mean this so sincere

We love you so very much

at this difficult time of year.

I know that we're not talking

I know things aren't the same

But we've been through so much together

That ignoring you feels pretty lame.

You've always felt like family

That just doesn't go away

And I know I'll always be there for you

Anytime night or day!

You've been thrown a duff one

What is referred to as a "curve ball"

But you really wouldn't know it

You are an example to us all.

Your wonderful personality

and your positive attitude

keeps you and everyone around you up,

No-one gets in a mood.

From us to you - wanted you to know

We're behind you all the way

Keep fighting on and remain focused

We're convinced it'll go away.

Difficult Times - Wedding
Is this one a bit weird? Not sure, please tell me.
I wrote this one for a Bride as if written by her late father . . .

On this day, your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

becomes a lucky man's wife.

I may not be there in person

To walk you down the isle

To hold your hand and calm your nerves

and to see your dazzling smile.

I'm so proud of all you have become

I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter

Not just for today but always

My princesses, Happy ever after.

Please raise your glass and toast with me

To the Groom and to the Bride

May they remain as happy as they are today

Sat there side by side.

A verse for a couple who are going through the worry of a very premature birth

At this very difficult time

Just wanted to write and say

How very much you’re in our thoughts

Each and every day.

Keep strong, keep healthy and positive

As we’re sending positive thoughts to you

To help keep you going day by day

With this worry you’re going through.

Touch(him/her/them/name)on the hand from us

and tell them to be strong

as continued strength will bring them home.

With you both, where they belong.

Difficult Times - Anniversary

All the firsts are difficult

We know this will be tough

You miss him/her so very much

It will be hard, sure enough

But he/she wouldn't want you to be depressed

He/she would not want you to be down

He/she would want you to wear a smile

Instead of a painful frown

So think of him/her in happier times

Let those memories come to the fore

and have yourself a happier time

It's all we could ask for.

We know this time of year

it's difficult for you to smile

and I know that it's not helped at all

with us across the miles.

Difficult Times in your marriage?
Finding it hard to communicate . . try it in verse.

Encouragement is sent to you

To achieve all you can achieve.

Just remember those words of advice

as in yourself you must believe.

He/She may not be here to today

to support you and squeeze your hand

But he/she always wanted the best for you

That, I hope you understand.

Be positive about this step

and please don't wear a frown

He/She would want to be smiling

not depressed and down.

So hold your head up darling,

Be positive in your actions

and go for this step and he/she would want you to

with bold steps and little distractions.

We understand this is not a good time

With these uncertainties you face

But you do it all so effortlessly

With your smile firmly in it's place.

You truly are remarkable

A shining example to us all

and you've maintained this composure

from the beginning, I recall.

Keep fighting it, stay focused.

Stay focused on the fight.

Keep willing it to go away

with luck and determination, it might!

As you begin the next step

I just wanted to write and say

Keep strong my love, you're doing well

and lets' pray it'll go away.

This one is not so strange, at least I don't think it is.

On this day your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

Becomes a lucky man's wife.

I just wanted to share with you

Some words that were shared with me

From your Dad before he passed away

as he bounced you on his knee.

He had thoughts about the "boyfriend stage"

They filled him full of dread

He didn't know how he'd handle that

All things going round his head.

But your wedding day was different-

he saw you settled and secure-

all grown up and sorted.

No longer immature.

I know he would have loved this day

To have shared this day with you

He dreamed for you to be happy

After all you have been through

So through me, I send his love

and best wishes for your day.

He'll wish it to be special for you

In every possible way

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