Divorce Verses

Divorces are always seemingly so acriminious. Often inciting the worst in everyone.
I get it emotions run high and the feeling of rejection is never a nice one.
However, should you wish to offer words of empathy or be the divorcee celebrating, here you'll find a selection of verses to help you say it.

We need to go out and celebrate

You’re officially single one again!

It’s taken a while for you to get there

And I/we hope it’s not put you off men!

I am celebrating

The end of my DIVORCE

You’re invited to my Party

Bring Alcohol . . . Of course!

It’s obvious now

He/She’s a complete fake

Your wedding vows

were a big mistake!

We’ll all celebrate in style

with lots of booze . . . of course

Now that you’re out the other side

and are now “Newly divorced!”

All this Latin jargon?

with a divorce . . Why?

First you have the

Decree Nisi.

But that’s not enough.

To be absolutely free

you wait for the arrival

of your Absolute Decree!

I know you don’t feel like celebrating

A statement I know so true.

Divorce for you was the very -

last thing that you wanted to do.

I know the decision was taken away from you

and lots of things have been done and said

Unfortunately though it is over now

and you really need to look ahead.

Moving on isn’t always easy

and in time things with mend.

As with all tough things, it gets easier.

All my love, I send.

I am here for you whenever-

you need and want a friend

anytime day or night.

On me you can depend.

I don’t want to say, “I told you so!”

But, “told you so, I said!”

Some months before You and (thingy)

decided to get wed.

I had a pretty strong feeling

right from the very start

trusting him/her was questionable

and I thought, He’d/She’d break his/her heart.

Oh, and he/she did,

He/She did it good

I’d love for him/her to get it

Oh yes I would!

But moving on,

my dearest friend

and move on you must.

Let’s not pretend.

Forget that (git/cow) , Be positive

Go out and live your life!

Follow your heart, do what YOU want

With no more trouble and strife.

Young, free and single

I’m referring to you - of course

The good times are now coming your way

following your divorce.

Time to look to the future

and much happier times ahead.

Let go of all the things

that have been done and said.

My divorce has just been granted

It is “all over now!”

Goodbye to the bad times

the arguments and rows.

Hello to the single life

and doing what I please

and to living the life I want to

with relative ease.

Divorce is never ever nice

Regardless of the cause

generally getting nasty

Feeling like a war!

It takes a lot out of you

even if the battle is light.

Emotionally draining

But the future does look bright!

After all the arguments

There is one thing you could agree

Your marriage was unfortunate

and sadly was never meant to be

So, you’ve both agreed to part the waves

and to leave each other be

I hope for both your sakes

You can do it amicably!

There was not enough love left there.

In each of your hearts

As time grew, so did the both you

but unfortunately apart.

Hoping your divorce procedures

Go with a swing and are trouble free

You have a better future to look forward to now

and on that I guarantee!

The life of a marriage goes in rings.

First the Engagement ring,

Then the Wedding ring,

If all goes well the Eternity ring.

But in your case it was Suffer-ring!

Era or Error?

Whatever is was!

You’re through it now

You are now your own Boss!

Wishing for you

a trouble free divorce

and once that’s done we’ll celebrate . .

with alcohol . . of course!

Leave Divorce Verses and head for home.

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