Dog Christmas Verse

I bring you Dog Christmas Verse, I make no apologies!

Our two dogs are 100% family members.
They may not be able to talk, but the more you get to know them, the more you understand their personalities and funny ways. 
I don't exactly put words in their mouths - I just try to interpret how they may think . . . .  
Hope that makes sense?
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From the Dog welcoming a baby

Please don’t touch the goodies

that we’ll leave by the door.

They’re not for you.

It is Santa they’re for!

You mustn’t bark or bite,

as he lets himself in.

Despite all your instincts

You must not make a din!

You see we mustn’t see him

on his Christmas rounds,

and if you were to growl and bark

I’d have to get up and come down.

Armed with my baseball bat,

poised and ready to swing it.

It would be so embarrassing

if Santa was to get it!

So in order to save Christmas

and no embarrassment for us,

Please be a good girl/boy

and do not make a fuss. x

You’re the bestest watchdog there ever could be

But please don’t nip Santa when he’s under our tree!

The sleigh bells will ring

They’ll be noise from the roof

It’s Santa and his reindeer

with their numerous hooves!

They’ll let themselves in

I really don’t know how!

But despite everything we taught you-

you mustn’t bark, snarl or growl.

It’s the unwelcome visitors you mustn’t let in

But this one is welcome

Because he’s delivering!

And if you’re good (boy/girl)

As we know you can be

There’ll be a Christmas pressie

For you, under the tree.

Lost the scent? Leave Dog Christmas Verse and head home.

T’was the night before Christmas

and all through the house

not a creature was stirring

not even a . . . . .

Hang on a minute . .

The Dog’s not yet snoring

There’s something afoot

Something not for ignoring!

His ears are all pricked

and his senses are heightened

He’ll protect this house

and won’t be at all frightened.

He knows he’s a watchdog

and a good one at that!

He’ll have a go at anything-

except the house cat.

That stupid house cat

He doesn’t do naff.

But wait there’s a noise . . .

What on earth's that?

Faint bells are jangling

There’s noise from the roof

I’ll woof in a minute-

I’ll just wait for some proof . . .

There’s someone in the house

Don’t know how they got in-

but he managed to do it-

without making a din!

But he’s looking at me

with a welcoming smile.

Maybe I’ll be quiet-

and let him fuss me a while.

And as he pets me ,

he tells me all is ok.

Tells me I’m doing a good job,

but he’s not here to stay.

As he gets up to leave

He has left boxes round the tree

With a wink, let’s me know

That there’s one there for me! x

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