Dog Verses - to the Dog

I am sure we're not the only ones!

Between me and my husband we're both pretty daft when it comes to our baby girl.   

(Well since I last wrote this our baby girl is 10 and our we have adopted a prince.) 

Photo below.

Please find some rhymes, verse, poems to the Dog.

Some people suffer difficulties

Making friends for life

But when it comes to you, my pal

You don't give me any strife

Your always pleased to see me

You hang onto my every word

You will follow me to the ends of the earth

Completely undeterrred!

You are my very bestest friend

and that's no exaggeration

and I'd do anything for you, my friend

without any hesitation.

Some people suffer difficulties

Making friends for life

But when it come to you, my Pal

Your better than a wife!

Your always pleased to see me

You hang onto my every word

You will follow me to the ends of the earth

completely undeterred!

Maybe because you can't talk back

that helps the situation.

But I'll do anything for you, my friend

Without any hesitation.

Happy Birthday (Buster)

Your (3) years old today

You are a family member

in every single way.

You are, for us just like the kids

You fill our daily life,

you create for us a constant mess

and bring an element of strife!

But you, like them, We love to bits

Wouldn't have it another way

So lots of love from us to you

On this your Doggy Birthday.


You seem to understand me

In a way no-one has before

You seem to know my very mood

As I'm walking in the door

You know when I am playful

And when I am a little tired

You seem to know just

to cuddle me, as required.

You look up at me in adoration

and you melt my very heart

and you've also got getting round me

down to a very fine art!

Your loving and your obedient,

protective, gorgeous and smart.

You always make me smile

we will never be apart.

Your everything a girl could want

One like you I'd recommend

Better than a man in many ways

My wonderful four legged friend

A Valentine verse for the Dog!

I(We) weally weally wuff you

I (We) weally weally do

When I(We) say, "Your wonderful"

It's weally, weally true.

You mean the very world to us

You weally haven't got a clue.

I(We) so tweasure our welationship

cause I'm(We're) so in wuff with you.

Have I told you, "How much you mean to me

and how often you make me smile?"

You make the coming home -

all the more worthwhile.

Happy Doggy Birthday

Another year has flown

From us to you, a Birthday Treat

A tasty, crunchy bone!


You are my bestest buddy,

My very bestest friend

I would follow you to the ends of the earth

and all the way back again.

Your hair shines with vitality

You have a lovely wiggle

And I love the look you get on your face

when i give your tummy a tickle

I've never had this experience

Never knew how it felt

But that loving look you give me

Makes my heart just melt

You're everything a man could want

One like you, I'd recommend

You are so loving, obedient and clever

You're my wonderful four legged friend.

For the Dog at Christmas

To my very bestest friend

At this special time of year

It’s great you’re here to share it too

I love my loved ones near.

How come it is that I love you so?

As you never wipe your feet,

you never take your coat off

and in front of the telly you take the best seat?

It’s the appreciation you show me

For everything I do for you

Your beautiful face and your wagging tail

And because your’re on 4 legs, not 2.

Your very much part of the family

And our Christmas is complete

When your here with us to share the day

And maybe share that favourite seat!

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