Drinking Verses

Drinking Verses - Here you'll find a few good humoured verses.
Could be used for 21st, 30th etc Birthday celebrations.
I sincerely hope none of these offend. I am not encouraging or condoning extreme drinking habits, but it happens.

We know today's your Birthday

We know you'll celebrate in style

We know you like to party

And go out boozing for a while

When it comes to holding it

You can hold it like a pro

You put the rest of us to shame

Everywhere we go.

You don't have a particular poison

You'll drink whatever's going

We've even shamelessly slipped some in

Without you even knowing

Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka, Rum

Malibu, Barcardi and Gin

Beer, Guinness, Lager

You've drank the lot and kept it in!

No matter how much you drink

You're a fantastic drinking friend

You make sure we're all home safe

and see the night through to the bitter end!

We don't know where you put it

You down it all and keep it in

You put the rest of us to shame

If there was a competition, you'd win!

A proper boozing buddy

On whom I can rely

I try to down as much as you

Believe me, oh, I try!

Regardless of your hollow legs

and how you always see me straight

You're the best going out bud I know

and it helps that your my mate!

Call yourself a drinking buddy!

You're actually pretty crap

By the time you've had a few

Your head is in my lap!

You dribble and you slur

Your legs won't hold you up

and even if you don't do it

You look like any minute you'd chuck up.

But you're actually ok to take out

Let's get this understood

We'll all take turns to support you

As you make the rest of us look good!

You organise a session

Pick, location, venue and time.

But invariably you leave us

As you're tucked by 9!

Ok maybe slight exaggeration, 11 maybe the truth.

But you've never seen a night out

Come on man, you're in your youth!

Ok, so you're not a boozer -

as you can't handle it or keep it down.

But you make a cheap and handy taxi

Driving us all over town.

You're a wonderful fun loving boozy bird

Secretly I think you're crazy,

Nights out with you are so much fun

(although the mornings definately hazy)

You certainly enjoy the first one,

then the second and the third.

You're a truly great and wonderful friend

A scary boozy bird!

Staggered off course? Leave Drinking Verses and head for home!

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