Get Well Baby

These get well baby verses came about from a request from one of my regular visitors . . . It's natural to want to send words of love and encouragement when someone is unwell or poorly isn't it?

So please find here verses for the really little one's who for one reason or another have an unfortunate and difficult start to life.

At this very difficult time

Just wanted to write and say

How very much you're in our thoughts

each and every day.

Keep strong, keep healthy and positive

As we're sending positive thoughts to you

To help keep you going, day by day

With this worry you're going through.

Touch (him/her) on the hand from us

and tell them to be strong

as continued strength will bring them home

With you both, where they belong.

You don't yet understand these words

But my/our love I'm sure you feel

So much love is sent from me/us to you

helping you to heal.

Keep fighting on my angel

I/We can see you are so strong

and very soon we'll have you home

With us. Where you belong. 

How sad is it when you realise

that these words aren't yet understood.

yet, I still feel compelled to send them

in the hope they're doing some good.

You're so young and appear so helpless

it is almost too much to bear.

For my little darling to suffer so . .

it really is unfair.

So what, that you don't understand the words

sent wrapped in so much love for you.

We're sure you feel just how much you're loved

and how much we want you to pull through.

We know you are so very small

that my/our words aren't understood.

But we/I hope that our love shines through

and we/I hope it's doing some good.

We/I want you home with us so much

It is where you belong

So please keep strong our/my darling

and keep on fighting on.

For such a little one to suffer

Is so very heartbreaking to see

I so wish I could take it all away.

and put it all on me.

How compelling it is to send some words

to get a message understood.

You try to find the right words to say

in the hope they're doing some good.

How sad it is when it hits you

that the recipient is just so small

that the "words" you write mean nothing,

and I mean nothing. At all.

The only language understood

is that of cuddles and love,

and communicating in that way my sweet

I assure you, we have so much of.

You are so very precious

and we pray for you to be strong

as we want you to get better

and come home with us, where you belong.

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