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Get Well Soon

Wishes of Get Well Soon on this page: some sincere, some tongue in cheek.

Suitable for all, family, friends and colleagues.

Find also links on this page that will take you to special pages containing verse for babies, children, footballers and golfers . . . and a link for those occasions when expressing Get Well Soon doesn't sound quite right.

Verses here for Get well baby and hurry home.


Looking for suitable get well verses for kiddies/children? - Try here!


There are times when Get Well Soon doesn't sound right.

Those times when it's just not that simple and there maybe a long journey ahead.

Verses for those times are on my Difficult Times page - for now . . . 


Here's some get well soon verses especially for avid footballers - Look here.

 Not forgetting some verses for those avid golfers :-)


We send a message just for you

We hope you get better quick.

Be really strong and really brave

Cause you're too nice to be sick!

So, your a little under the weather

A little grey around the gills

Relax and take it easy

Keep on taking the pills

With any luck you'll soon feel stronger

and get back on your feet

Cause whilst your laying around in bed

Covering for you is no mean feat!

Sorry to hear that your poorly

Difficultly getting out of bed

Don't want you to worry

Stop those thoughts going round in your head

The work load is just as busy

Nothing here is new

So, you'll be pleased to know that when you get back

All your work will be waiting for you

We hear your proper poorly

Laid up in a hospital bed

We hear it's pretty unpleasant

Especially what your fed!

We can't say we much like the sound

Of what you have endured

We're thinking of you very much

Of that be rest assured

The Boss is feeling a bit put out

He's looking a little uneasy

He likes to think he's the only one

Who can deliver unpleasantness freely

Never mind that, your our concern

We miss you more each day

Get well, get strong, get back to work

Or else they'll be hell to pay.

Sending get well wishes to you today

Hope you're feeling stronger every day

With the very best of wishes

This card is sent to say

We hope you are feeling much better

today than yesterday.

This little note

Is sent to you

To wish you well

After all you’ve been through!

Take it very easy

Do as you have been told

And hope that very soon

You’ll be feeling good as gold.

You’ve undergone a medical procedure

You’re feeling a little sore

But every day you should feel -

better than you did the day before.

We send this little pick me up

To help prevent you feeling blue

We’re thinking of you very much

And send love and kisses to you.

We’ve heard you’re feeling under the weather

A little green around the gills!

We hope you’ll soon feel very much better

Just keep on taking the pills!

You’ve been in the wars!

Recuperation’s been suggested

In order to get better -

you need to be completed rested.

So please do as you’re told

follow the Doc’s advice to the letter.

Be patient and be "A" patient

And you’ll soon be feeling better!

We're so sorry you're feeling low

The rest will do you good. You know.

Follow all the advice from everyone you meet

And pretty soon you'll be back on your feet.

With love and best wishes

This verse is sent to say

Hope you have a speedy recovery

as you get stronger day by day.

We hear your feeling frail

and so sorry you're feeling blue

We're sure your fed up of feeling poorly

and gloomy through and through.

But believe, cause here we are-

sending positive thoughts to you

Our love and best wishes are coming your way

After all that you've been through.

So you're in a horrid hospital bed

In a gown that flashes your botty!

But worry not, cause they're working hard

To stop you feel grotty

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