Get Well Verse for Children

Under the weather, off school, childhood illnesses, hospital trips, find here verse of get well soon for children.

You're such a brave little angel.

Poorly and feeling a little blue.

So we've sent a bundle of hugs and kisses

Especially for you.

We've heard you're feeling poorly

Feeling a little blue.

So we've wrapped up all our love and kisses

and sent them all to you.

Our Angel's feeling poorly

What are Grandparents to do?

Wrap up extra hugs and cuddles in love

and send them all to you.

While you're feeling poorly

While you're feeling blue

Here's something to have some fun with

Especially for you.

(please send something nice!)

You've had a little operation

We understand it went very well

You're possibly a little sleepy

Maybe feeling a little unwell.

To our very special (boy/girl/angel/little man/grandchild)

We just had to write and say

That we send extra cuddles and kisses

wrapped with lots of love your way.

You've gone and had you're tonsils out,

It can leave you feeling a little rough.

But did you know you can eat Ice-cream

Until you scream ENOUGH!

It's a (Godparents/Grandparents/Uncle's/Auntie's)job to tell you

The little things like this

Just in case it had been forgotten

In case it has been missed.

So I've bought you your favourite flavours

Eat until you're stuffed

Or until you're throat feels better

and no longer swollen and rough!

Whatever's happened?

It's a disaster!

A broken (arm/leg)

Now you're in plaster!

From us to you

Hugs and kisses we send

and hope it'll help

that (arm/leg) to mend!

Do you believe in magic?

We certainly hope you do

Cause we gathered all the fairies

and asked them to help you.

So at night time while your sleeping

They bring their fairy dust along

to help you to get better

and to help make you strong.

So with fairy dust and lots of love

sent from us to you

We hope that this will make you smile

Will all you're going through.

All that treatment that your getting

Never seems to get you down

You always seem to be smiling

Rarely wearing a frown

You are a brave little (soldier/angel)

With all your going through

So we send all our love and kisses

Wrapped up in hugs for you.

We understand your feeling poorly

But you are in the right place

Your special team of doctors and nurses

Will help you put your smile back on your face.

For an older child with a sense of humour. My son knows I have a collection of photos for his 21st!

We've heard that you've got Chicken Pox

I bet you look quite odd

With those nasty red blotches

Covering your bod!

Tell Mummy/Daddy to take some photos

For prosperity

So we can blow them up to poster size

At your 21st Birthday Party!

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