Girl Power - Girlfriend Verses

Hey Girl friend - Verses of understanding,strength and you go girl.
Come on - What else could I call it?
Surely most of us girls have been there, one of your mates is going through a hard time and you wantto send them messages to give them strength or messages of understanding. Let them know your always there.

Hey there, Girl friend

Don't get depressed or down

You've had a tough time lately

but no need to wear a frown.

You've battled through the worst bits,

The whole way you've been strong.

You've kept your head for the sake of the kids

When the journey seemed so long.

Your dignity is still in tact.

And in all this, You've stayed YOU

It's not yet over that's a fact

but at least you can see it through.

So to hell with the Ex-Husband to be-

Go get yourself a happy life.

and just look forward to the day

when your NOBODY's Wife.

I wish for you a year ahead

with month on month progress

time for you, time you deserve

With no (or little) stress.

I can't believe it's already been

(No) years since he's been gone

A shaky start, understandable

But you learnt to be so strong.

You've raised your child/children beautifully

You've always worked so hard

Stayed focused on what you want

Rarely caught off guard.

This little verse is sent to express

After all you have been through

Keep going girl friend, love you long time

I am so very proud of you.

For your sweetness and your kindness

For your understanding way

For the patience and the thoughtfulness

You show from day to day.

For all the many helpful things

You find the time to do.

This brings a wish for happiness

That's filled with love for you.

To a very special girl friend

Here's a message just for you

to show appreciation

for everything you do.

You have a way of caring

that comes from deep within;

with love and understanding

You're there through thick and thin.

So on this day your birthday

Pour a glass and have a rest.

Cause trust me girlfriend

You so deserve the very best.

A very special friend like you.

Means oh so much to me.

And you deserve a birthday

That's as special as can be.

You're a smashing boozy bird

each drink makes you more crazy,

nights out with you are wonderful

(though mornings are somewhat hazy!)

You waste no time you love a drink

a second and a third.

You're a truly great and wonderful friend

A gorgeous boozy bird!

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