Good Luck

Here you’ll find some varied good luck messages to send to friends/family/colleagues & neighbours as they undertake new adventures, be they Exams / New Job / Relocation / Bon Voyage / Sorry Your Leaving / First Day at New School / Wedding or Maternity.
Be different and say it in verse.

Send wishes with your move/new home/house.

First day of a new school wishes.

Good Luck as you begin your Maternity leave.

Congratulations on your wedding.

Have you considered checking out the congratulations page?

Your about to put yourself through it

Those years of hard work put to the test

But we're sure you've no need to worry

No doubt you'll be one of the best!

This note is sent from us to you

To wish you luck in this thing you do

You don't do things in moderation

With much thought or consideration

We send love and luck but just one thing we ask -

Please be careful as you take on this task.

Your leaving us for pastures new

New adventures for the making

We wish you all the very best and

send love and luck in this undertaking.

Just promise us you'll keep in touch

Let us know how things unfold

We hope the grass is greener

And the pavements paved in GOLD.

We always knew that you were temporary

That you would become a high flyer

But knowing doesn't help us much

For the inevitable - Au Revoir!

We always felt that you were special

and destined to go far

But we meant in your career progression

and not relocating to (Canada, Austrailia, Anything ending in ar!)

We're so sorry to hear you're leaving

and flying off to pastures new.

We hope the change is a good one

where great things happen for you!

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