Grandparents Verse

Go on . .  make a memorable occasion even more memorable.

This page goes with along the New Baby theme or New Baby announcement theme.

Most times surely, the impending or new arrival will be fortunate enough to have Grandparents: whether first time times, many time ones or even if they're very lucky great ones? 

I have used the word Grandparents, but if it suits, change the word for Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Nanny, Grandad, Gramps or Grandpops. 

Verses from the parents, parents to be and friends.

Your Grandchildren all adore you

You hold a special place in all their hearts

You’ve been wonderful, warm and loving Grandparents

Right from the very start.

Being a Grandparent is old hat now

As Grandchildren you have plenty

But becoming Great Grandparents is extra special

We’re sure you will agree.

So (Nanny and Grandad) we have some news for you

News to bring you joy.

We proud to make you Great Grandparents

To a healthy baby boy!




So Nanny and Grandad we not sure how it happened –

Maybe there’s something in the water!

But we proud to make you Great Grandparents

and introduce your Great- Grandaughter!


Revenge is sweet and best served cold

A statement sadly, oh so true

Which is what you’ll think when we tell you-

We’re making Grandparents of you!

As since we’ve known we’re expecting

I’ve had flashbacks in my head-

“Wait till you become a parent!”

Is something you often said.

I know you’re not revengeful people

But I’m sure that you’ll agree-

Even you hope we will have a better time with this one-

than the time you had with me!!

Congratulations on your latest achievement

One you’ve had absolutely no input in.

But we know that you are ready for it -

and that you’ll take it on the chin.

You will enjoy your new Grandparent status

As right from the very start

Little (name) will fill your thoughts

and capture both your hearts.

Congratulations on your new status

And the arrival of a new generation

A magical time, a special time

You see your children with renewed admiration.

Being a new Grandma/Grandpa is such a special time.

Where you get to watch the new little one grow

and watch your son/daughter/child go through the stress-

That you did all those years ago!

Mum, Dad, At last we have some news for you -

A new status to bring you joy.

You’re going to be Grandparents to a baby girl or boy.

A new generation is expected soon into our wonderful family

A wonderful achievement, I know you will agree.

We can’t wait for the new arrival to introduce to those we love.

A chance for us to become the family we’ve longed for and have been dreaming of.

We announce a new arrival

For us all to love and to adore

And counting generations

This little one is Number Four!

So many congratulations

You have a new status to your name

It means now whenever you get the chance

“I’m a Great Grandmother/Grandfather” you can claim!

You may well feel to young to be Grandparents

But that is exactly are what you are!

And lucky for little (name)

You’ll be the best Grandparents by far.

We know you’re young to be Grandparents

But surely isn’t that the best

You can play and jump and lark about

Without needing to stop for a rest.

We know you’re young to be Grandparents

But we’re sure it’ll be a pleasure

You have all those extra years

To make those memories to treasure.

We know you’re young to be Grandparents

And we’re sure you won’t be blue.

To cheer you up – there is a chance

That he/she could make Great Grandparents of you!

Many congratulations

You have a new status to your name

It means now whenever you get the chance

“I’m a (Great)Grandmother/Grandfather” you can claim!

From one old friend to another on "yet" another Grandchild

I know you’ve told me countless times just how clever your children are.

But seriously, aren’t they’re taking this cleverness too far?

Personally I think they’re getting a little over zealous

And yes, I’m green with envy and feeling a little jealous!

You’re a fabulous Grandmother to the (nine) you’ve already got

and now you have another one to add to your lot.

Very likely there’ll be another one at the current rate of flow

Do you think they know the cause of it? I’m not so sure they know.

All this is written with tongue in cheek, Dear friend, you deserve it all

You’re such a wonderful Grandmother, warm and loving through and through

And all (ten) of your children are so lucky to have you.

Grandparents' Advice

Be careful how you start off

With a new baby at your call

They’ll have you running here and there

In no time at all.

Set yourself some ground rules

Don’t respond to every sob.

Be careful “YOU” mustn’t spoil the baby!

As I/we consider that my/our job!

Leave verse for grandparents and head for home.

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