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Halloween Verse

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Trick or Treat?

Isn't that what you say?

You give me goodies

To go away

Should you not

In fair game

I may do something

Considered a pain!

Happy Halloween to you

It's time to dress up good

and scare your friends and neighbours

as Trick or Treaters should.

Think up some irritating things

That you could deliver to

those miseries that may not join in

with Halloween - like they should!

Dress up unrecognisable

Make sure you dress up good

an' go round scaring everybody

On Halloween like you should.

Don't forget to pop to (Grandma's)

and give him/her a Halloween fright.

She/He loves to see her/his (Grandchildren/Nephew/'s)

Look an absolute Halloween sight!

It's October 31st - Halloween is here

The walking dead you may well fear

Dress up scary for the night

Give friends and neighbours a Halloween fright.

Get out there and join in the fun

Your Halloween night has just begun!

Halloween has come round again

Dress up good and go out with friends

When it's dark it's time for Trick or Treat

For sure you'll get lots to eat!

Dress up scary, understood

Go an' terrorise your neighbourhood

Trick or Treat is so much fun

Halloween has just begun.

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