In Memory Christmas Verse

In Memory Christmas Verse - It's that time of year when our
thoughts go out to all our loved ones -including those who are no longer here to share it with us.
Find here, free in memory verses so you can still express your love at this sometimes difficult time.

I have a star not an angel on the top of my tree,

As I know I have a special one looking down on me.

Take our teardrops and wrap them in much love

And ask the wind to carry them to Mum and Dad above.

Miracles are very rare, but for Christmas, one would do,

To hear the doorbell ring and to have you both walk smiling through.

You left us such happy memories, that can make us laugh and cry,

The memories we have together, No money in the world can buy.

There's this place in our hearts no one can fill

Missing you both and always will.

Thinking of you this Christmas

and how things just aren't the same.

There's this dull and nagging heartache

When someone speaks your name.

Sadly, we can't buy gifts for you

Just silent tears that fall

For this time of year without you

Is the hardest time of all.

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If I could bring you back (Mum/Dad/Grandad/Nan)

for just one single day

The day would fly by so fast

Cause I'd have so many things to say

I'd tell you, dearest (Mum/Dad/Grandad/Nan)

That you truly were the best

So many hearts were filled with pain

The day you were laid to rest.

And now that Christmas time is here

it somehow seems to me

that one special gift is missing

from underneath the tree.

If I could bring you back again

I'd say what's always been true

there's never been a (Mum/Dad/Grandad/Nan)

quite as wonderful as you

We would love to wish you Happy Christmas

In the way we used to do

Nobody in the whole wide world

Could ever be like you.

We're thinking of you always

Our memories will never fade

We treasure all the little things

and all the love you gave.

But here it is, another Christmas

and presents we can't buy

Just a parcel full of teardrops

We send up to the sky.

Why were you taken?

It really is not fair.

As I/we have this pain right now

That is so hard to bear.

Especially at Christmas time

The hardest time of year

When families come together

and memories become clear.

Understand though, little one,

these pictures we have of you

Do help me/us a lot in helping me/us get through.

You made everyone smile

You were as bright as the sun.

Simply bursting with love

giving laughter and fun.

So although there's a sadness

Because we're no longer together

The love you provided will

Live on forever. 

Your smile has gone forever

Your hand we cannot touch

We have so many memories of you

We love you still so very much.

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