Lockdown Verse

Looking for a lockdown verse?

Whether you want to celebrate or dwell on lockdown. This is the place.

Lockdown has not been pleasant on anybody, but it does do good to laugh about shit sometimes. 

Here there's a few Thank you verses to our medical profession especially our marvellous nurses.

I, for one say, “Thank @@@ for Lockdown.”

As this day is one of a few

Cause if it was not for this situation

I would have to see you!


I sincerely hope you have stocked enough Gin!

Your lockdown Birthday is about to begin.

You must be glad you saved the wine?

Cause its’ about to be Birthday lockdown time.

Here you are saving the planet!

A selfless true modern day hero

Chilling watching Netflix

Total output. Net zero.

Just as a little warning

When we are all finally free

There are a few of you

I still won’t wanna see!

I promise, we’ll make it up somehow

We will celebrate in style

We’ll do what we’ve not been allowed to do

For a little while.

We’ll gather up friends and family

We’ll dance and hug and kiss

And spend some lovely time together

Making those memories we’ve missed

Happy (- - th) Birthday

You've hit that time of life, it's true!

But either way, with this right now.

Your bin goes out more than you!

You know this 2 metre social distant rule

I don’t think I want it to end

I never been that comfortable

Sharing my personal space with a friend.

Lockdown verse 
When lockdown = babies!

Some taught themselves a language. .

Some taught themselves new skills. .

Others went through reams of books. .

During these lockdown drills.

So, now you know what we’ve been doing.

And we’re absolutely over the moon.

Our lockdown time has been very well spent

As we're expecting a baby soon!

Now we know what you’ve been up to

During this lockdown time

But let’s face it making a baby

Isn’t a Boris crime!

Congrats and love from us to you.

As if this year’s not memorable enough

You have a life changing event, (to look forward to)

Made with lockdown love.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve not been bored

and we’re still getting along quite well.

Despite this lockdown mayhem -

We have good news to tell.

We’re super excited to tell you.

We’re increasing from two to three.

We’re expecting a lockdown baby!

Becoming a family!

Congrats on your baby announcement

You’ve put pay to all our fears

You’ve clearly been getting on well

During these lockdown tiers. 

For anyone that’s been worried

concerned or had any fears.

We’ve successfully made a baby

During these lockdown tiers.

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