Love Verses

Here you'll find some Love Verses suitable for Valentine's Day or anytime you wish to declare your love to your loved one.

A note to say, we’ve made it through.

Over time, our love just grew.

You mean the absolute world to me

We rarely (these days) disagree

Our kids have gone, we’re on our own

Our years together have just flown.

So a Thank You is long overdue

For being everything to me . . for being simply YOU!

As above, but the kids have not left yet.

A note to say, we’ve made it through

And over time, our love just grew

You mean the absolute world to me

We rarely (these days) disagree

So a Thank You is long overdue

For being everything to me . . for being simply YOU!

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A Love Verse for a mature couple with a good sense of humour.

OK, so we cannot move

quite the same way that we used to.

The agility is just not the same.

We can’t achieve quite what we used to

But regardless of ability

I still want you like before

So anytime your in the mood, I'm yours,

As it’s you I so adore.

Our love goes stronger everyday

With everything you do and say.

You put up with me in my difficult times

with your patient ways.

You do the most thoughtful of things

on my not so endearing days.

I love so for this and so many other things too

And I love the person that you make me

because I am with you.

To my horny (boyfriend/girlfriend) on Valentine's Day

There's one thing I want to say.

You are super sexy, horny and hot!

Have you guessed? I fancy you an awful lot.

I love you so with all my heart.

Please be mine forever

We'll live each day like it's our last

and eventually grow old together.

If allowed to choose a moment in time

and keep it fresh and special, like new.

Of all the memories that I have

I'd pick the moment I met you

Our love grows stronger everyday

With everything you do and say

Compare our love to two golden rings

That links our hearts together

But if you ever break that link

You'll break my heart forever.

Do you remember when your eyes met mine

and captured all my heart.

I have poured my entire soul into you

Right from the very start

You rolled you eyes at me

and I rolled them back to you.

From that moment I fell for you.

with a love so strong and true.

I love you so, with all my heart,

all my body and my soul.

I love the way you make me feel

It's a feeling I can't control.

Remember when we first met?

Right from the very start,

I have given you everything I have

I hope we'll never be apart.

I feel so lucky to be with you

I feel so proud of all you do

and I feel so very sure

Your the one for me forever more.

Valentine, the most beautiful view

Is the one I share with you.

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My heart belongs just to you

. . .we're meant to be together.

being with you is the best place I know

. . .I want to stay forever.

There are so many things

That I love about you

They all add up

To a dream come true.

I've always been sure

That you are the one

and the longer we're together

the truer it's become.

Love is what we share

each time you smile or touch my hand

Love is how we know

each other's thoughts and understand.

Love is all the joy we share

and the happiness we bring.

Love is what you mean to me

and you mean everything!

My loving Valentine message

Sent from someone who . .

thinks there's no one in the world

as wonderful as you.

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