Going on  . .   Maternity Verse

Maternity Verses

Maternity Verses for the mother or parents to be.

Get a little sick of saying the same ol' things in your cards?

Want a little inspiration? Want to add a little humour?
Send warm wishes of Good Luck, We'll Miss You, Hurry Back (or not) to the new Mum to be as she starts her Maternity Leave.

Look below and feel free to use any of the verses below.

Relax and enjoy these last few weeks,

Put your feet up while you can.

Don’t look around for things to do

Just pretend for a while, you’re a man!

So you leave us to shortly become a mother,

As you move from one source of labour to another.

But remember this as you take the trade,

At least here you do get paid!

From office management to being a parent,

please don’t take this to heart.

After a few short weeks experience,

not sure you could tell them apart.

A new chapter in your life

has almost begun

Good luck becoming a (Mummy/Daddy)

with love for the little one.

Congratulations on your wonderful news

the pitter patter of tiny feet!

The arrival of your little one

that we'll all be so excited to meet.

We’ve watched you grow

We’ve watched you bloom

We’ve watched you take over

most of the room.

The ingredients have done their bit

The recipe has taken shape.

And judging by the look of you-

that “bun” will soon escape!

We cannot say you’ve grown a LOT!

We can say you’ve got a little bump.

Can we tell you, You look like a twiglet -

without you getting the hump? 

We’ve watched you grow

You have definitely bloomed!

You need to leave work now

as you’re taking up too much room.

So with kisses and lots of messages -

of “we’ll miss you” and “all the best.”

Take your leave and don’t look back

Go take your well deserved rest.

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