Milestone Birthday Verse

Milestone Birthday?
Then this page is for you. Aimed at the more mature amongst us.
It's often a great time to take the mickey and wind your friends and family members up.
Please feel free to use or adapt any of the verses for your own use.
I have chosen not to separate pages for 30,40,50 Birthday etc. as many of the verses can be adapted to suit the birthday age you seek.


This one was written for a 50th Birthday but I have offered a separate last line should you wish you adapt this birthday verse.

Happy Birthday (name)

We hope you enjoy your day.

You know what Birthday age you are -

As you've made us promise not to say.

You don't want to see the figure,

tthe number may make you cry.

A ban on all birthday items,

bearing that number does apply.

We truly respect your wishes,

your special age we'll have to guess.

We won't continue asking,

we won't nag till you confess.

As a token of our love for you.

So as not to bring distress,

we've bought you a birthday present,

to mark half a century of progress.

or (to mark your many years of progress.)

Obviously no telegram is coming

from the queen to you this year.

But I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know

that already you halfway there!

Here's a sign your (-0)

You can't do passion and stairs together

by the time you get up there the passion has gone

So it has to be one or the other.

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Happy (- - th) Birthday

You've hit that time of life, it's true!

I don't know if you've noticed or not

But your back goes out more than you!

Just because your (00)

Don't be so bereft,

Just cause your get up and go

Feels like it got up and left.

Life begins at 40

is a saying very true,

for that is when all sorts of things

Start happening to you . . .

Dizzy spells and funny turns,

You can't mistake the signs . . .

Small aches and pains the odd grey hair

and tell tale laughter lines . . .

But in spite of everything,

there'll still be lots of fun,

So may you find at Forty

That your life has just begun!

This day is very special

as your Milestone Birthday's here.

Just look forward to the joy it brings

with friends and loved ones near.

You remember those lovely baby books?

Where you record time and date

For all those firsts you experience,

those early baby greats.

I thought I would update that

And create one for a (00) year old fart

So instead you can record those senior moments

You know, when things start falling apart!

I thought it would be rather fun

For some later O A P gloats

We can sit in the care home together,

comparing Middle Age notes.

I'm not writing this to insult you

or to give you any grief.

But the fact that you're now (00)

Is beyond absolute belief!

60th for a Relative

(Relative) you are someone

Who's played such a massive part

In so many of my memories

stored inside my heart.

Today you're in the spotlight

It's you that's taking centre stage

Make the most of every moment

As you turn another special age.

However today as you turn (60)

I/We hope you realise

Just how much you're loved and respected

As you are so very wise.

All (relatives) throughout the world

Are special, that must be true.

But there could never be another (relative)

That's loved as much as you!!

Your seventh decade starts tomorrow

A fact so worth a mention

Especially as so many has passed

That soon you'll be drawing your pension.

Your (number) decade starts tomorrow

Most definately worth a mention.

Quite rightly so at your age

You should be the centre of attention!

You're (00) today, my dear

How fast it goes the time.

But you my friend have matured and aged

like a very special bottle of wine.

I don't want to push it too far

as I'm not that far behind.

So just so you are nice to me,

I promise to be kind.

You look fantastic for your age

Not too many wrinkles, sags and bags.

You still have alot of get up and go

As you're never in, (so you brag!)

You don't wear any glasses, yet.

You can still hear well out of both ears!

Which is pretty remarkable considering

the actual number of your years.

We've always been quite similar

Sisters, they have said!

So wishing you a great (00th) Birthday

To a true thoroughbred.

Seen it all!

Done it all!

But are you struggling

to remember it all?

You're a true inspiration

a shining example to us all.

You show us how to make the most of life

and live it to the full.

You're so very highly thought of

and it gives me so much pleasure to say.

With love to a very special lady/gent

On this your 100th Birthday!

A century has passed

Oh (Mum/Dad/name), you have been blessed

I/We wish for you a lovely day

A day that’s just the best

A wonderful achievement

I/We hope you do agree

But considering you’re now 100 -

How old does that make me

A celebration truly

An achievement that’s for sure

Let’s raise a toast to your 100 years

and another for many more.

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