Moving Out

Moving Out/Leaving Home is an exciting time for your child but it can be a

difficult one for a parent or parents.

Here you'll find some verse to express how you feel to your child as they leave home.

The time as come, I do believe

For my wonderful son to up and leave

Should I celebrate in some grand style?

As I'll no longer be cleaning up after you, all the while.

No more dirty clothes on the bathroom floor

No more pin ups on your bedroom door.

The food in the fridge staying just where I left it.

Will I miss it? Every bit!

I'll miss you more than words can say

It'll be strange you not being here every day.

But you must go, it's understood.

To live your life, like a young man should.

The time has come, you are moving out

But we will never be apart

Because you hold a very special place

Deep within my/our heart/s.

You’ve been around a long time

Morning, Noon and Night.

They’ll be such a hole after you leave

It will not feel right.

I’m sure that you are equipped

As you move out of home today

To cope with life’s little stresses

Each and every day.

It is so hard to let you go

to watch you make it on your own

I pinch myself because I can’t believe

How my little girl has grown

This step you’re taking can be a struggle

And there’s one thing you need to know

if at any time things go a little wrong

You always have a place to go

No matter what life throws at you

This will always be your home

A place where you are welcome

The happy home that you have known

And know this too if life gets tough

And you should need a friend

I am always here to help you

Someone who you can depend.

I believe you know how much I/we love you

But just as you’re walking out the door

Wanted you to hear it again from me/us

Just so you know for sure.

My bestest friend

Is you my daughter

Let’s not pretend

I know I have to let you go

To live your own life out

But I am so going to miss you

without a shadow of a doubt.

Since you grew out of Teenagerhood

We became so very close

More friends than mother and daughter

And I value that the most.

I know they’ll be lots of things

That we’ll still do together

Shopping trips and pamper days

and family get-togethers.

Please don’t be a stranger

I don’t want to be a pain

Just pick up the phone to say Hello

To prevent me from going insane.

We've had our moments

Oh! We've clashed alot.

You teenage years

was such fun, NOT!

You shouted and screamed

and I screamed back.

At times I thought you'd

give me a heart attack!

But you grew up

and you grew up good.

Turned into the daughter

I knew you would.

You make me so proud

Considerate, beautiful, able and clever

You achieve everything you go for

All you endeavour.

I write this now

Cause I want you to now

As your moving out

I don't want you to go!

You’re moving on, you’re moving out!

I thought this day would never come

When I’d see your bedroom carpet again

and your room is no longer a slum!

When I’m no longer expected wash, dry and iron in a flash.

Just so you can go out in the latest fashion -

to impress the girls and spend some cash.

When the kitchen stays how I left it

and fridge remains stocked for a while.

The bathroom towels do get to dry

cause they’re not “hung up” in pile.

In small part I’m quite relieved

As they’ll not be so much to do

But I’ve got to tell as you go

I am really going to Miss you.

We’ve had our troubles

We’ve had our fun

You’ve put us through it

Our darling Son

But you grew though it

and grew up good.

Grew into the Son

we hoped you would.

As you prepare to leave us

to make your own way

Please believe us

when we say.

We love you dearly

Very much indeed

You’ve two good friends in us

If ever you need.

Just because you don’t

Live here with us anymore

You’ll always be welcome

Through the door.

So as you go

and make your way

Know that we’ll miss you more

With every day.

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