Extra special Mum Birthday Verses for that extra special lady in your life.
Go on make her feel extra special too and Say it in Verse.

These words are to thank you

for the kind and caring way

you bring so much happiness

into this world each day.

Your're a Mum upon whose wisdom

I know I always may rely

as you've guided me so gently

as every year's passed by.

You have such a special way

of turning grey skies into blue

and there could never be a Mum

who's loved as much as you!

As Mother's go you're truly the best.

About as special as they come.

There's no-one else in the whole wide world

quite like my super smashing Mum!

I know I'm very lucky,

to have a Mum like you

who is so supportive

and kind and loving too.

I really do appreciate

the way you show you care

and it means so much to know

that if needed you'll be there.

Although I rarely say it,

it's time that you knew

you are a very special Mum

and I think the world of you.

You've raised my spirits often

when I have felt depressed,

supported and encouraged me

when life has got me stressed.

For everything you've done for me

and all that you still do,

I want you to know, Mum,

just how much I Love You.

You bring such warmth and happiness

in every single way.

That's why your always thought about,

with love from day to day.

Because you're lovingly thought about

so often throughout the year.

This loving greeting's being sent

now that your Birthday's Day here.

You brighten every day

with your warm and special way.

With each kind and caring deed you do

each thoughtful thing you say.

And there's a sweetness in your smile

that reflects a certain style.

That even when you leave

just seems to linger for a while . .

So for all the joy you share

all the special ways you care.

This brings a wish for

a Birthday Day beyond compare.

You're thought of all year

much more than you know.

and now's a good time

for telling you so!

There could not be a better time

than when your Birthday's is here

to tell that you're somebody

who's thought about all year.

There couldn't be a better time

to let you know how much

you brighten life for others

with your warm, distinctive touch . . .

And there could not be a better time

to take this chance to say,

That you're wished a world of happiness

today and every day.

For your sweetness and your kindness

for your understanding way.

For the patience and the thoughtfulness

You show from day to day.

For all the many helpful things

You find the time to do

This brings a wish for happiness

That's filled with love for you.

You stuck my drawings on your fridge

and told me they were great.

You fed me homemade treats

that I could really appreciate.

You kept my photo in your bag

so you could show it off.

You worried for my health

each time I'd sniffle, sneeze or cough.

You did so many things for me

I've mentioned but a few-

Thank's so much for everything.

I'm glad my Mum is YOU!

Always there to lend a hand

You're groovy and you're great.

You really are a superstar-

a marvellous Mum and mate!

I have this person in my life

She’s always there

In good and strife

She supports me in all I do

supports my man and family too

Whenever things get a little sticky

And all to be done is proving tricky

She offers help, “I’ll be here or there.”

“I can help”, “I’ll do my share.”

I accept this help, I take with ease

Always very grateful, pleased.

Because of this I do see

Sometimes taken for granted is she

But it’s never meant to be blaze

I never mean to get carried away

So Mum, I write this to you

Thank you so much for all you do.

When it comes to Mothers

and there's lots of them about.

But your the very very best

Of that there is no doubt.

To the nicest Mum ( Mom ) in the world

Better than any other

Have a really super Mothers Day

I'm so glad that you're my mother.

If I have forgotten,I'm remembering now,

you taught me right from wrong....

You are so loved and appreciated

and have been all along.

At this time I am wondering

if I've ever given you your due..

So for everything you've done for me

With all my heart, I THANK YOU.

Why do we always say the least

to those we love the best?

We assume our thoughts are understood

when they're so often unexpressed.

That's why it means so much to me

when days like this are here.

Gives me a chance to express how much

you're loved throughout the year.

To such a wonderful Mother

Who seemingly never grows old.

You have a smile full of sunshine

and a heart of solid gold.

Your home is always so welcome

Your eyes just twinkle and shine.

You are such a wonderful Mother

So glad I can call you mine.

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