New Home

New Home/Moving Home verse - Notify your friends/family and colleagues that you have or are moving, and to give them the all important address details.

Also here you will find some welcoming poems to put in a card to wish friends and family good fortune/good luck in their new abode.

You've made the decision to upgrade your home

As your existing home you've now outgrown

So you've found the new house and soon you will fill it

We hope you'll all be very happy in it.

A HOUSE is made of

Bricks, walls and beams

A HOME is made of

Love and Dreams . . 

Check out Good Luck Verses, if the move is a relocation or Bon Voyage

you may find what you're looking for here!

We've moved home

We've gone quite a way

Too far for a cuppa

It's an overnight stay

The door's always open

We'd love you to come

So here are the details

For you to find our new home.

We write to give you our new address

As we've moved some distance away

Too far for just a cup of tea

It'll have to be an overnight stay

Please do call and invite yourselves

You'll be welcome anytime

It's always a pleasure to have good company

Any excuse to open the wine!

An Angel in your house,

they say

Will guide your family,

Night and Day . .

May your troubles be less

Your blessings be more

And may nothing but happiness

Come through your front door.

To let you know, we've moved home

But we haven't gone too far

Our new address is written below

So you'll know where we are!

So you've finally moved out

and left your Mum and Dad!

May you find lots of happiness

Inside your lovely new pad.

We've moved house but not gone too far

Address details below so you'll know where we are

Feel free to call in whenever you pass

For coffee, tea or maybe a glass . . . 

May your new home be a special place

To be content and never afraid

A place of comfort and safety

Where happy memories are made.

Here's to you both on your very first home

your special love nest to call your own.

Out of old digs and into new

May it brings happiness for both of you.

As you prepare to move into your lovely new address.

We wish you love and best wishes with no or little stress.

Here's to your new pad

May all your dreams come true

And may every year you occupy it

Be the very best for you.

A lovely brand new residence

for the (surname) family

We hope it's everything and more

That you'd wish it to be.

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