New Year Party Verse

New Year Party Verse - Be original and invite your guests to your New Party in style. Many verse here also suitable for adapting to Christmas Parties.

The New Year is upon us

We’re having a New Year do

The thing that’ll make a difference

Is pure and simply you!

We really want you to make it

It will be great having you so near

Especially when ol’ Big Ben strikes-

and we welcome in the New Year.

Bring yourselves a bottle

Of whatever is your thing

We will provide the rest

To help make the party swing.

So please do say you’ll come

With a quick R.S.V.P.

A quick text or phone call to let us know

Join in the party

Join in the fun

You're invited to the best

Christmas Party under the sun


New's Years Party under the sun

Christmas is magic

Let's have some fun

We're having a party

Second to none!

We're having a Christmas shindig

and we'd love you to attend

and all because we want to spend

some good times with our friends.

It's on a (day) in December

The (date) to be precise

Arrive around 7:30 please

If you could RSVP, that'll be nice.

We're having a New Year's party!

It's going to be a big one.

Here's a Invitation for you and all of yours

Who are welcome to come along.

It's on a (day) in December

The 31st to be precise

Starting around 7:30 ish

If you would RSVP, that'll be nice

I'm having a New Year Party

It is going to be a big one

You are invited to it

So, please do come along

It's on a (day) in December

The 31st if you are free

Arrive around 7:30 ish

If you would, please RSVP.

It's soon to be New Year

And we're all getting set

To throw a New Year Party

That we hope you won't forget.

Leave New Year Party Verse and head for home!

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