Paternity Leave

Is there any reason why a new Dad shouldn't be sent off from his place of work with the same level of joyous celebration when his Paternity Leave starts?

Find here a few unique verses for a New Dad taking valuable time off to be with his family.

It’s not as if you’re new to this

As a Father of (3) you are already blessed

But you’re going to take a few weeks off

We think to get yourself assessed!

Joking aside we send to you off

To deliver hugs and kisses

to the latest and newest arrival

with our love and very best wishes.

You’re going on Paternity leave

To go an’ learn what you outta

Take our best wishes and this gift from us

While you get to know your daughter

SO!, you’re going on Paternity Leave

Now that you’ve become a Dad

Take it from us, during the next few weeks

there’s lots of fun to be had!

There’ll be a few sleepness nights

Changing nappies/diapers can be a blast

Do what you can for new Mum too,

WITHOUT waiting to be asked!

It’s a lovely time, the first few weeks

and we’re all sure you’ll do your best

But believe us when we tell you-

you’ll come back to work for a rest!

Paternity leave you are taking

A Daddy’s girl is in the making!

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