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Requests from visitors - Here I will grow a page of verses that have been requested of me. Some of these verses have been incorporated into existing pages but many are specialised bespoke requests that they don't fit into other pages.

I hope this doesn't upset anyone but while I am happy to write bespoke verses upon request, I don't charge and I reserve the right to publish any work I write.

May 2015 - I'm moving out into a new home with my partner. I'm 29 and have lived at home with my parents until now. When I move out want to give

them a gift like a nice photo frame with family photo in it and thought would be lovely to have a poem with it that they can keep. I can normally tweak

things I find but had a look look and there doesn't seem to be any types of this poem online. They've done everything and always been there for me and my

sister all the time.


As I leave home to make my way

Perfect opportunity to write and say . . . 

"Thank you both for ALL you've done"

As parents go, you're number one.

You've always been there, strong and true

Whatever! Always coming through.

You've helped us both in so many ways

Seen us through each growing up phase.

You maybe thinking, at last - about time!

After all I am twenty nine!

You've done the night feeds, the colds and flu 

You've done the strops and tantrums too

The schooling, friends, the taxi years. . . 

Boyfriend troubles, you've mopped up tears!

But know this as I flee the nest 

I love you both - you are the best! 

And from the safety of my home.

From the place I've always known.

Where the best of my memories exist.

Where I can dream and reminisce.

Where love and security resides.

Where I have had the best of guides.

New memories I must embrace.

Within a new and exciting place.

New beginnings are to be had-In mine and (partners name) own little pad.

and my reply . . . .

Wow, you are one talented lady. I absolutely love this! and can't thank you enough for coming up with this already, it's brilliant.

Through a craft forum that I frequent, a lady was requesting a verse for her brother on his 60th Birthday, she offered a few clues such as: he has been a postman for over 45 years, he loved travelling, was a Manchester United Fan, had 8 Grandchildren and loved a beer or three!

(Name), What a life you’ve had,

there’s not much you haven’t seen,

what with all that travelling,

are there many places you haven’t been?

But you’ve been around with the day job.

Delivering all that post.

45 years of it, that’s a lot.

You’ve been at it more that most!

But, the secrets of a Postman?

I’m sure you could tell some tales?

Maybe write a book for your retirement

For when you stop delivering mail!

You’ll need something to keep active

There’s lots I could propose

But as you have 8 wonderful grandchildren

They’ll keep you on your toes!

We won’t mention the football

No need to get excited

As you probably won’t be finishing top this year

Your’ beloved Man United.

(Name), because you’re 60

We must celebrate with a glass, or three

And wish you a Wonderful 60th Birthday

With love from your family. X x

This one was pretty tough actually, again a lady who was a dog trainer contacted me personally through my website requesting a verse for a dog trainer who was soon to be celebrating a milestone birthday. Again a few clues were given and this was the result.

It's a very special birthday

So us Dog Trainers send good cheer

As we ponder on the dog training

that you do, year after year.

Socialising the young Pups

Is where it generally starts

Sit, Heel, Stay and Walk on the lead

Getting it down to a fine art.

Those that achieve the social skills

May progress further up the line

As the earlier commands taught

become more and more refined.

Soon you have them retrieving-

all kinds of things on request.

Recognising scents and smells.

Always eager to do their best.

“Send aways” can be tricky

An “A” recall also tough.

But your wonderful patience with them-

has them doing it. Soon enough!

The age old question remains though

Which way round?

Do you train the owner of the dog the most

or do you train the hound?

We’ve admired your work in this field for so long

and we’ve learnt a lot from you.

So “away” with you, “sit”, “down” and “stay!” (with hand
signals :-))

Have yourself a wonderful Day.

July 2012 email request received,

"Hi Kerry,
   I was googling Birthday milestone messages on goggle and up came your site. Your stuff is great I am having a 50th birthday for my sister and I want to send out a message in the invitation  for people to write something nice about her. And make it into a book with pictures. I'm not sure how to put it in a nice verse and am looking for your help in any way.
Thanks for any help you can.

My reply:

As a little favour and if you would be so kind?

I would like you ALL to write something  - whatever springs to mind.

It could be a recap of how you met or one of your earliest memories

Anything nice or funny about my darling sis.

I want to put all the comments into a little book

And in the future my sister can stop and take a look.

On the night I’d collect them from you if you could have them prepared for me.

I will compile them with photos as her keepsake 50th memory.


"That's great thank you so much. It's perfect!"

Another one July 2016

Dear Kerry
I wonder if you can help me, I have been asked to make a wedding card for two journalists and I need a verse reflecting their work and the wedding. The wedding is in October but the lady wants to get organised as she is an older lady and has health issues, so as soon as you feel able please.They work for local newspapers and met where the bride still works (Selby Times).

In a bizarre twist 

We’ve heard it said

Two local journalists

are to be wed.

They met working together

At the Selby Times

No doubt reporting on school fetes, dog shows,

most bonny baby and small town crime.

We report it’s confirmed 

An’ that this is true.

An October wedding is planned -

without further ado.

So roll up, roll up 

to wish them well.

As a Yorkshire summer wedding

Is always swell.

(Optional as maybe a too bit saucy!)

An’ just some’at to think on: 

Who’ll put it in??

I mean the wedding announcement!

Will it be ‘er or ‘im?

Another happy customer . .     :-)

That is great, thanks so much Kerry. You are a very talented lady!

I will print it out for the groom's Gran to read, I am sure that she will love it too.

Thanks again.

December 2016 - Hi Kerry.... I found your page whilst looking for inspiration.  I don't know if you still do requests but you can always say no!  I'm looking for a poem to subtly (with humour)  let our older nieces and nephews who now have jobs,  homes and partners that birthday and Xmas gifts will stop after this year.  It's something I'd like to put in their birthday cards next year.  Can you help? 

My response: 

I hope you realise how much you’re loved, and how we’ve enjoyed watching you grow.

But now you’re older and working yourselves, there’s something we’d like you to know.

We feel now that you are old enough, with partners and homes of your own.

We feel that Christmas and Birthday presents you have now outgrown.

We will instead buy for the next generations until they too come of age.

Or at least until they’ve left home pulling a decent wage.  


That is so lovely! It says everything I need it to. Can't believe you did it so quick! 

Thank you so much. Was looking for inspiration to let my 20 something niece and nephew know they are too old for gifts..... Kerry penned me a witty and warm poem in literally 10 mins of contacting her.  She's very clever! ... 

April 2015 - Hello, I'm wondering if you can help. We are planning a family party for my mum's 90th. We would like the

guests to bring a plate of food to share for lunch rather than bringing a gift. There are quite a few good cooks in the group and it will be fun to sample their contributions. Our mum lives in a nursing home, in her own pleasant room, but she doesn't like people giving her stuff because she doesn't have much storage space. Hope you can help!! Cheers, Lois

Here's my reply . . . 

So you know the where, the when and why.

And you're possibly wondering what to buy

But this 90 year lady is asking you all

Not too buy anything, nothing at all.

Instead however the thought we had

An idea which makes Mum glad

If each of you could bring a dish 

Maybe salad, pastry, meat or fish.

We'll provide cake, drinks & sweets

If each of you could bring savoury treats

It doesn't matter what style or taste

I'm sure with us lot it won't go to waste

On behalf of Mum trust us when we say 

Mum will just be happy to see you all - on her special birthday!! 


I'm am glad to say - Lois love it!

Also April 2015 -First I want to thank you for your website. I have used your verses on many occasions when brain freeze happened. You have a talent not many people have or willing to share.

I am having an adult pizza party in June. We hired a mobile brick oven pizza  company to come to my home that allows guests to choose their favorite toppings. I am lost for words on how to come up with the wording on the invitation in a unique way. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks. Ann

Again my replies . . . . .

So how do you really like it?

Thin and crispy or deep pan?

Smothered in spicy pepperoni

Or are you a pineapple fan?

Whichever is your preference

You can create your own.

As we're having a pizza oven

delivered to our home.

We would love you to join us

For an adult garden party with a twist 

One where the hubby's not cooking

Now you get the gist? 

We so hope that you will join us

But to ensure we have the "dough"

Take a note of the "where" & "when"

and be kind enough to let us know.


“Buonasera” I think they say -

In Italy at the end of the day

Which may be the greeting you will hear

If you come to our pizza party in June this year.

Eating Al-fresco is the plan

With pizza served straight from its pan.

You can choose the toppings too-

Now we really are spoiling you!

We’d really love to see you there

Please r.s.v.p. to show you care.

Another satisfied customer 

"The verses were awesome.  It was hard to choose. We decided to go with the first one,  'How do you really like it?" You covered all the points of what the party will be like. Although, the verse "Buona Sera" would have given the invitation a nice Italian touch. That's what made it so hard to choose. Keep on creating.  Thanks soooooo much. Greatly appreciate your talent."

Sincerely, Ann Vaccarino

Through my Contact Me page a lady wrote requesting some verses of encouragement for a friend who looked as though they were on the verge of a divorce but have since decided to try again. Fantastic!

Anyhow I wrote a couple so at least there was a choice and here they are!

Option 1

You’ve been through a tough time lately

But you’ve come out of it positive

Positive to try again

To learn, love and forgive.

I stumbled upon this quote

That I feel really does apply:

“Every accomplishment starts

with the decision to try.”

Option 2

I know you’ve been though it lately

I’ve seen and felt your sorrow

But, “What is not started today

is never finished tomorrow.”

So get stuck in and give it your all

Met, I hope with equal endeavour.

Soon I’m sure you’ll see sunny skies

and be rid of the stormy weather.

Written for a dear colleague for his wife of 27 years.

I may not tell you often just what you mean to me,

So for a change, I thought I would, on our Wedding Anniversary.

27 years of marriage - and most of them's been good.

We raised ourselves a family and they turned out like they should.

You've been my rock, my friend and oh baby so much more . . .

You've literally had to find me and pick me up off the floor!!

Because of you I am twice the man I used to be -

I put down mainly to the skills you gained in the bakery!

I really am so sorry for scaring you once or twice,

I fully appreciate that as experiences go, it wasn't very nice.

I know that there are many times I've been a bit of a pest.

There really should be a bloody great medal pinned onto your chest.

But whilst we've grown older together and we may have turned a little grey,

The love I have for you back then, I still have for you today. x

June 2016 - Another bespoke request -"I have been looking at your wonderful poem verses for various occasions and wonder if you could suggest something I could have for a dog whose owners (Sarah and Raymond) are getting married in Marbella.The dog is a very much loved and spoiled black/white springer spaniel called Razor.

He is being cared for while they are away by the owners of his mother Pippa and sister Koco.  This is his second home and while he misses Sarah and Raymond he loves the walks and fun he has with his mum and sister."

My response -

I’m a very lucky doggie.

I feel I’m loved so very much.

I can tell with how you treat me

and by your gentle touch.

Not only do you spoil me

whenever you are here.

But when you have to leave me.

That’s when I know how much you truly care!


Cause when you have to leave me.

You leave me in THE best place - 

I truly hope you know it?

It must be written all over my face.


I do so love my holiday home.

Spending time with my family.

With Mum Pippa and sister Koco,

I’m in the best place there could ever be!

And when you come home and pick me up.

The happiness that runs through me.

I must be the most excited, bouncy doggie-

that there could ever be!


I know that you love each other too;

because I have the similar feelings.

The way you look and talk to each other.

You really ARE my most favourite human beings.

First response - This is amazing so appropriate.  I am in awe at how you can do this in such a short time - a true talent.

If you could just wish them good wishes for their marriage and hurry home.  He is a dog which constantly wants to play ball I forgot to mention that.

I understand you’re getting “married?”

While you’re away from me this time.

And whilst my “pack” may not be gone forever

I miss you, our walks and playtime!

SO I’m sending big slobbery kisses, 

to wish you love on your special day.

But also say  “a casa rapido” -

cause I gotta ball than needs some play!

Many many thanks - this just completes it for me - I am so grateful.  I feel I should be paying you for this as without your help I would never have been able to put anything like this together.

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