Retirement Verse

        Retirement verse for colleagues, friends or loved ones.

Have a laugh at their expense or be sincere, either way send what you want to say in verse.

On your retirement, my darling

You truly deserve the rest.

As hunters and gatherers go-

You've been one of the very best.

You've worked hard to support our family.

We've never gone without

And that's all been down to you.

Of that we have no doubt.

You've balanced work and home life

Pretty well I have to say.

You provided for us a good life

with your efforts everyday.

But now, my love the time has come

for you to have some fun.

So put your feet up and enjoy

Your Retirement's begun.

As you leave us on this day

We had to find some words to say

So we thought and thought and decided thus

You deserved the best, you deserved a fuss.

So thank you so much for all your years

Working hard, blood, sweat and tears.

We know you've given us your best

and we know we've put you to the test.

Not only a colleague, but a very dear friend

We hope this isn't going to be the end.

You be sorely missed of that there's no doubt

There was so much you were knowledgeable about.

You've done your quota, you've played it well.

Now comes the time to say farewell.

You must not cry or protest too loud

You can't come back it's not allowed!

You're now forced the the discontent

Of living out your RETIREMENT.

This not going to work lark

At first is rather strange

So it's my job to help you adjust

So some fun I will arrange.

I thought about some bowling

or taking up golf again.

But trust me, you want to find something -

something to keep you sane!

Retirement is a time

For making the most of being alive

For you to live some dreams out

When a new lease of life can thrive

A time to do all those things

That you always wanted to

Retirement is a special time

A time long overdue.

Today’s the beginning of the rest of your life

No more mundane - No more toil and strife.

You can lay in bed and stare and the ceiling

and smile to yourself. What a wonderful feeling!

Others go to work, you hear them in the street

The slamming of doors and the clatter of feet.

You realise then that something new is just starting

A new life beginning – not just an old one departing.

Can’t believe your old enough!

For retirement from this place.

You haven’t got enough worry lines

Mapped all over your face!

Retirement needs two things.

So it’s not a complete bore.

The first is much to live on

and the second much to live for.

Retirement only sounds old

Cause for 50 years you’ve been earning

But now’s the time to have some fun

So go do what you’ve been yearning. 

Your doing well

I have to say

Not grinning too much

On your retirement day.

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