Sadly Missed - In Memory

Sadly Missed/Never Forgotten/In Memory

Express how you feel toward that special someone who may no longer be in this life but still so much in your heart.


For all occassions: Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day,Anniversary and Birthdays.

Where you see words (in brackets), that suggests that the word can easily be changed to suit.e.g. The words in brackets may say (Mum) and (Christmas) but if you changed the words to (Dad) and (Birthday) the verse would still work.

We would love to wish you(Happy Birthday)

In the way we used to do

Nobody in the whole wide world

Could ever be like you.

We're thinking of you always

Our memories will never fade

We treasure all the little things

and all the love you gave.

But here it is, your (Birthday)

and presents we can't buy

Just a parcel full of teardrops

We send up to the sky.

I visit you at your graveside

and I tend to it with care.

(Dad) I hope you feel the heartache

when I turn and leave you there.

There's a very special gift in life

That's very rare and true

and it's the gift of special memories

especially the one's we have of you.

Thank you for our lovely memories

Which make us frequently laugh and cry.

All those times we spent together

That no money could ever buy.

I thought of you today

But that is nothing new

I thought about you yesterday

and I will tomorrow too

Remembering you is easy

I do it every day

It's the realisation I've lost you

That never goes away.

Our bond was sadly broken

and for now we are apart.

But time, they say will help to mend

This ever aching heart.

I am missing you so very much

While we have this time apart

I can't escape this burning feeling

Deep within my heart

I long to hold you tightly

and once again, feel your warm embrace.

Every time I close my eyes

Before me is your face

Some day I will escape this

And then I won't feel so blue

For waiting there to welcome me

With loving arms is you.

Thinking of you today

Wishing you were here

Remembering you with smiles and love

And an ocean full of tears.

There are lots of special gifts in life

Some are great big and some are small

But having you as my (Dad/relative)

Was the greatest gift of all.

Thinking of you so much today

and wishing you were here

Remembering you with smiles and love

And an ocean full of tears.

(Christmas) thoughts are bitter sweet

But so lovely to recall

For (Dad/relative) it's times like this

You're missed the most of all.

An aching heart, some lovely thoughts

Maybe a little tear

Make all the things that keep you close

When (Christmas) time is here.

(Mother’s Day) is always a special time

For remembering you with love

I talk to you so much more

As if you’re listening from above.

I feel a certain comfort

In the thought that you’re with me

Sharing in our special day

Just like it used to be.

Whether or not it is your presence

That warms my home and heart

I like the feeling that it brings me

Back to before we were apart.

Thinking of you so much today

With so much love and pride

happy in my imagination

that you’re standing by my side.

These have been written for the little one's who have never met or remember meeting their Mummy or Daddy.

It's been (a year) now since you have passed

at least that's what I've been told

As I'm too young to understand-

time and just how it unfolds.

I'm not get capable of language

words yet I cannot speak

But my understanding

gets better week on week.

Mummy talks about you lots to me

she tells me you were such a special man

and we both know that you leaving us

was not the master plan.

As I get older I'll understand more

lots of stories I will be told

and I know that I will treasure them

more than silver and gold.

My darling Daddy, please understand

I am young with much to learn

But growing up and loving you

Will not be a concern.

I'm not capable of communicating fully

as proper words yet I cannot speak.

But Mummy talks to me a lot

and I understand more every week.

Mummy tells me lots about you too

and how you loved us so

and I feel that it makes Mummy sad

because you had to go.

As I get older I'll understand more

as stories I'll be told

and photographs I'll have of you

which I'll treasure more than gold.

Until then, my Daddy please understand

I am young with much to learn

But growing up and loving you

Should not be of concern.

My darling (Daddy), please understand

I am young with much to learn

But growing up and loving you

Will not be a concern.

(A year) has gone since you have passed

and I have never felt your touch

but lucky for me a year's not understood

as time yet doesn't mean that much.

I know (Mummy) misses you greatly

she talks about you a lot to me

and I know that a greater love

for me could never be.

But (Mummy) tells me all the time

just how much she loves me too

and she tells me she has enough love

for the both of you.

If I could have one lifetime wish

A dream that WOULD come true.

I'd pray so hard with all my heart

For yesterday and YOU!

In life I loved you dearly

and in death I love you still

In my heart you hold a place

That no-one else can fill.

You left behind my broken heart

And happy memories too . . .

But I never wanted memories (DAD)

I only wanted YOU!

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