Son,Grandson Birthday Verse

Birthday Verse for Son/Grandson.
Make him feel extra special and Say it in Verse.

You are a very special Son/Grandson

You make us/me so very proud.

Truly amazing

Standing out from the crowd.

You'll always be a superstar

someone always on the ball

Happy Birthday Son/Grandson

to a lad/boy who has it all!

This special birthday greeting

is sent to you today

tis filled with love and wishes

and the best that can come your way.

A birthday full of laughter

and lots of your favourite things.

A day full of happiness

a day like this should bring.

It's great to have a son

a wonderful as you,

you always bring such pride and joy

everyday the whole year through.

That's why these birthday wishes

are so genuine and sincere

for our love and thoughts are with you

now that your Birthday's here.

For all he’s achieved and for all there’s to come

I am so proud of my wonderful son

We love him so, our days he fills

We’ll make it through the thrills and spills

And as he grows and makes his way

We will be there, each and every day

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again

Treat us, like two very good friends

We will always try to do our best

To help, guide and support you through the rest

You are such a pleasure and a joy

My wonderful, loving (nine) year old boy.

Because you deserve the very best

and are thought the whole world of

I/We wish you a special Birthday

Full of all the things you love.

You're a very special person

and really a wonderful son.

and that is why I/We so hope you have

a birthday full of fun.

A world of wishes Grandson/Son

are sent and meant especially for you

with hopes that all the nicest things

be yours today and all year through.

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