Just said in verse

Sorry verses - Upset someone? Want to apologise for a misunderstanding?

Saying sorry in verse is a nice original way of getting across how your feeling without getting tongue tied.
Apologies are never easy, send with flowers, chocolates etc. and hopefully you'll achieve the desired outcome
Do you feel as though you are owed an apology but can't find the words to ask for one?

Try one of these verses here.

A simple apology from me to you

I never meant to upset you

I hope this goes someway to put things right

I'm rather hoping that it might.

True friendship is a gift

so very precious and rare.

I'm so sorry I took it for granted.

I really, really do care.

I said some things

I needed to say

But never dreamt

it would get this way.

So I'm saying sorry

To try make amends

As I really miss us being friends

A simple apology with love is sent

Trust me, it's sincere and genuinely meant.

If I could turn the clock back

I would do it right away.

Just back far enough

So those things, I did not say

I didn't mean to hurt you

That was not at all the intention

I just opened my mouth and the words came out

With things I shouldn't mention

I'm really very sorry

I hope you can forgive me

I'd love things to go back to normal

To the way things used to be.

I don't like the fact you're feeling

so very bad of me.

But I am aware I let you down

really pretty badly.

But throughout all the unpleasantness

to now how things currently stand.

I did try to maintain composure-

didn't want it getting it out of hand.

I think if we're both honest,

we each have played some part

in taking something good, that's lasted years

and tearing it apart.

It's obvious you're not interested

in any kind of communication.

Don't get me wrong, it's far too late

for any reconciliation.

From a personal perspective

I would like it very much

to send Xmas cards and Birthday cards

just to barely keep in touch.

You know I'm not a monster

We're not an unpleasant lot

but twenty years of memories-

still exists, like it or not.

Do you feel as though you are due an apology?
Do you feel as though it would draw a line under how you're feeling?
Politely request an apology in verse.

I love you dearly

A good friend indeed

But an apology from you

I think I need.

I'm struggling with the words you said

They've left me reeling, a bit bereft.

You probably didn't mean to hurt me so

But you did and I want you to know

I hold our friendship in great esteem

To clear this up, would be a dream.

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