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Sorry for Your Loss

Find here lots of Sympathy Verses.

In times of death and bereavement it's often very hard to find the right words to express your condolences.

Please feel free to use any of the following Sympathy Verses, Poems and Rhymes to express your condolences to a family member, friend, neighbour, colleague or even to the deceased.

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Written for a very dear friend who lost twins 14 years ago. She told me how she wanted a poem to express her loss. I only hope I have succeeded in small part to write the words she wanted to say.

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Goodbye, my little angel(s),

you were so very precious to me.

I will miss you (both) so very much,

but it wasn't meant to be.

You'll never know how much I love you,

words you will never get to hear.

I just hope and pray you felt it,

whilst you were growing near.

In your head you plan the future.

All kinds of images you see.

All those firsts we'd do together,

as a loving family.

Despite you now not being here,

to achieve those things I'd seen,

in my head they'll live forever,

"If only?","What could have been?."

You see, those images will never go,

not now, not more than ever.

I'll imagine you going off to school,

being smart and bright and clever.

Your milestones I will still go through,

with heavy feeling in my heart

and with every one I will ask myself,

"Why did we have to be apart?"

Do I believe in,"it was meant to be?"

Do I believe that this is fate?

Do I believe your in a better place,

at those heavenly pearly gates?

I don't know how I'm feeling,

or in what I should believe.

I just know I'm left without you

with nothing left to do but grieve.

But know this, my angel(s)

The photo's I have will bring me pleasure

and will bring you back to me again

In memories to treasure.

My love for you will never go,

In my heart you will live forever.

For now I pass you for safe keeping,

until the day we can be together.

Goodbye to you, my angel

Our love for you will last forever

We pass you over for safe keeping

Until the day we can be together.

It’s not until you miss something,

That your memories come back to life

But thank god for those memories now.

I miss you so, my darling Wife.

Please be assured,

I WILL see you again.

It’s not a question of if,

But a question of when.

In our hearts you'll live forever

Until the day we can be together.

It’s so hard to believe we’ll never again be together,

but in each of us, you will live on forever.

I will look for the brightest, shiniest star

and I'll know that it’s you watching us all from afar.

Here's a sympathy verse written for some-one whom you can no longer tell them how you REALLY feel.

I have always looked up to you

and admired you from a distance.

In my memories you will life forever,

as if to prove your very existence.

I never plucked up the courage

To tell you how I feel

To sit you down and tell you

For me you’re were my ideal.

But how deeply did you care for me?

I will never know the truth

As you got taken away from me

So early in your youth.

If only things were different,

If you were here in front of me,

Knowing how I feel now,

I’d let the words run free.

So, as not to waste a moment

I’d say the words and share

And tell you exactly how I feel,

“I Love You,” I’d declare.

Whether of not you felt the same

Is really not that important now

It’s the words trapped inside me

I wish I could say to you . . . somehow

You held me close

I felt your touch

I knew you loved me

very much.

You held my hand

gazed into my eyes,

I know it’s hard

to say your goodbyes.

But the angels came,

I had to depart.

I’m sorry if it

broke your heart.

I’ll wait for you.

I’ll wait forever.

Until the day,

we can be together.

Thank you for the good times

You've filled my years with pleasure

We've had a very good life together

and built memories to treasure

Thinking of you so very much

You have had to say Goodbye

As I write this, I have a lump in my throat

and a teardrop in my eye.

He/she has gone to a better place

Than he/she has been in for some years

The pain has gone, he is at rest

All troubles disappeared.

I hope these words remind you

Of where you all have been

Rejoice in your precious memories

Untill your re-united once again.

If tears could build a stairway

And memories a lane

I'd walk right up to heaven

And bring you home again

Your presence we miss

your memory we treasure.

Loving you always

In our hearts forever.

It's hard to face tomorrow

When someone you love has gone

It's harder still to realise

That your life will still go on . .

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