Thank You Nurse Verse

Thank you Nurse Verse - Look no further for unique ways to thank those unsung Hero's . . . Nurse's.

Whether you've been on the receiving end of some excellent nursing personally or a close relative has received some excellent care and you want to say thanks. Here's some unique ways of saying Thank You Nurse, much appreciated.

This is sent with so much gratitude

This little Thank You Verse

You truly are a lovely person,

a very capable and remarkable Nurse.

You've looked after our (relative) so well

Been an absolute superstar

You've made this stay for him/her

The best ever by far.

Thank You so sincerely

from the bottom of my heart.

You have your bedside manner

Down to an absolute fine art.

You obviously love your job

a truly special Nurse.

So I send all my gratitude and thanks

wrapped up in this soppy verse.

Oh My God! I do declare

No other profession can compare

to the level of patience and care.

We were just so grateful you were there.

How you know where to stick that needle

and you still manage to smile and reassure.

How you maintain a sense of humour

while you're dealing with blood and gore.

How you deal with those nasty mucky jobs

that most of us would rather not hear.

And just how do you continue doing this

year after year after year.

Nurses are truly amazing

I am in total awe of you

So from the very bottom of my heart


You've attended to my bedside

Over the last (few) days

You've truly kept me going

In so many, many ways.

Not only in the neccesary

medication, stats and obs,

but also in the delightful manner.

That you've carried out in doing your job.

So a big thank you is sent from me to you

For your care these last few days

You've made the being away from home

Bearable in so many ways.

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