Themed Eulogy

Find here some Themed Eulogy Verse free for your use or adaption. I sincerely hope these help you get across just what you want to say and this difficult time.
If you have a request for a Themed Eulogy, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will my upmost to help.

I can’t believe you left me

I have to live with the shame

Of sitting next to an empty seat

For every (team) home game.

You were my football partner

As our passion for the game,

the team, the club, the colours

Is our personal eternal flame.

Seriously though buddy

I will miss you very much

Not just the game but afterwards

The analysis of every touch.

We’d talk the game from start to end,

back to front and inside out!

The away games, spent down the pub,

Where we’d jump, scream and shout.

It’ll be hard to go to the first game

Without you by my side

But in my mind you still be there

As if you hadn’t died.

You know that I’ll be talking to you

every minute of the way.

And they’ll be times when I’ll be thinking

Of just the sort of things you’d say.

Despite not having you in person

To celebrate this game

You’ll forever be there with me

As if everything’s just the same.

Take our colours with you mate

and wear them with continued pride.

When I’m in mine and watching the game

I can imagine you by my side.

(colour) is the Colour

Football is the game

There’s only one team that matters

And (team) is it’s name.

You were a footie fanatic

Of that there is no doubt

Any opportunity you’d be

Out there, kicking a football about!

You got to be quite player

You enjoyed the beautiful game

You always gave it 100%

With winning always your aim.

(Arsenal) was the team you’d follow

Seemingly from when time began

You knew the latest, the past, the history

They’ve lost their biggest fan.

So on your journey, we’ve sent with you

Your entire kit all nice and clean

In the hope than when you get there

You can play with your own dream team.

This is without a doubt the hardest bit

as it feels like your heart might split.

Today we say our goodbyes to you

and remember the life that we’ve been through.

A wonderful (son/grandson/mate), couldn’t ask for better

Did everything you were asked, to the letter.

Filled our days with love and laughter

Sadly though, not forever after.

You had one passion, a passion true

(Football/Team) was everything to you

The weekends filled with watching you play

Putting on your best display


The tension, just before a game

Seemingly would drive you insane

So on your journey, we’ve sent with you

All you need to see you through

Your entire kit all nice and clean

So you can play with your own dream team.

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