Themed Valentine Verse

Themed Valentine Verse - How many football widows are there out there? You may not normally mind but occasionally you like to remind your man that you're in his life too. Find here good humoured verse for Valentine's Day.

Obviously change Arsenal for the relevant team.

You know you are my first love

A statement ,oh so true!

But I’m not 100% sure

I could say the same about you.

You see you fell in love at a very young age

and I know I just can’t compete,

It happened the very first time

You had a football at your feet!

You know you mean the world to me

As for my Valentine? You are it!

So I thought I would be extra nice

and dress up in an (Arsenal) kit.

I thought it might just work for you

As (Arsenal) is your passion

If you could have your own way

(Red and White) would always be in fashion

I know all about your first love

I live with it every day

You follow it all over the world

and watch it come what may.

Good job I‘m understanding

and that I know my place.

(Arsenal) is the best team ever

and with you, I think they’re Ace!

I met you at a football match

Through (Arsenal) we fell in love

We’ve been married now a few years

and lately (Arsenal’s) had it tough.

But just like our marriage

The rough waves we will ride

And support our first love through thick and thin:

side by side!

On Valentine’s Day, my darling,

All my love I send to you

and thank you for all your support

as to (Arsenal) we must be true!

Themed Valentine Verse from the avid football fan

Happy Valentine’s Day my darling

You must know I love you too

Thank you for all your patience and understanding

After all I put you through

Your right, There is more to life than football!

I see that, but all the same . .

When the (Arsenal’s) playing

I have to watch the game!

Please don’t get defensive

Don’t think I’m on the attack

Don’t mean to send a curved ball

Not looking to pass it back.

I guess I’m asking for some fair play

One without a penalty kick!

You never know, this Valentine’s Day

You could even score a hat trick!

I do the dutiful girlfriend thing

I try to keep out of the way

Make very little conversation

And field any calls that come your way

But mark my words, O Valentine

You’d better not get up tight

You’re spending the evening with me, my dear

Whoever’s playing tonight!

I’ve checked the football fixtures

And to my knowledge it’s ok

To have a Valentines evening with me

As no football’s going to play

I’m reasonably confident that there’s no conflict

As I’m not sure where I’d stand.

But should your precious (Arsenal) be playing

I’d have to give you a one match ban!

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