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Welcome to Themed Verses - Find here a growing page of verse, poems and rhymes aimed at the recipiants favoured sport or hobby. Take the mickey out of enthusiasts and those with crazy passions. Car Enthusiasts, Gym Enthusiasts, Go-Karting, Moto passions, Cooking crazies, Street Dancers, Disney Lovers, Fly fishing freaks plus more . . .

I will be adding more hobbies in verse but meanwhile if you have a particular hobby that you would like to see in verse please contact me.

Closer to the car than anyone else?

You really really love your car

You check it lots of times

Weekends you wax and polish it

To keep it free of grime.

You've given it name

You stroke her when she's good

And we believe without a doubt . .

You'd marry it if you could.

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Suffering from Go-Kart madness?

You're out there in the garage

Whenever you have spare time

Tinkering away with it

Getting covered in grease and grime.

You pack it up at weekends

And once again, off we go.

To the place where the race meeting is-

With everything in tow.

You look the part, you've got the gear

and boy, do you give it all you've got

But whilst you may win a few -

Lewis Haimilton/Valentino you are not.

DIY Themed Verse

You're up at dawn at weekends

Don on the overalls

After a quick breakfast

You're off, coz, "Duty calls!"

There's always something for you

To replace, mend and tweak.

You're at your happiest when your

Painting a wall or fixing a leak!

You've all the tools for all the jobs

Kept tidy in the shed.

You're not so tidy in the house-

at least that's what (your Mum, your Wife,) says!

Despite your capabilites

There's been some minor mishaps

Nails through water pipes and cables

That have got you in a flap.

But none of this has put you off

You've achieved a lot single-handed

Fitted kitchens, bathrooms, showers

Rarely getting stranded.

So, ok you're not a professional

but without hesitation

You'll try your hand to anything.

And we so admire your determination.

D.I.Y. is quite a skill

and you'll always have go.

How you manage to break so much

Is something I'll never know!

Mad about Cooking

The Kitchen is rarely clean

It always looks an eyesore

There's saucepans on the boil

and flour on the floor.

It's not cause your a lazy git/girl

with a can't be bothered attitude.

It's not because cleaning is something you do

when only in the mood.

While the kitchen maybe an eye sore

It's the smells that are the teller. .

It's cause your always bloody cooking

Our very own Nigella!

You make cooking look so easy

as you effortlessly chop, dice and whisk

and you seem to know just what to add

to create a perfect dish.

Your pastry is perfection

Your cakes look just divine

Your Yorkshire Puds are massive

Your souffles are just sublime.

Cooking is your passion

And your cooking is a winner

So tell me please before I go -

When can I come for dinner?

Enthusiast - Keep Fit Themed Verse

You've always got your kit off

Wearing shorts and sleevless vest

And don't mind if I tell ya

this look . . It ain't your best.

But you tell me that it's what they wear

down at your local Gym

with the body building fella's

Working out and getting trim.

To the body beautiful cause

I applaud your dedication

But walking around have naked

please, keep it in moderation.

That is until your belly

Has shrunk to half it's size

and your pecks are bulging to almost

the same size as your thighs.

I couldn't resist the little dig

On this your (00) Birthday

Take the evening off, put your feet up

The Gym won't go away.

Craft Themed Verse

You're such a crafty person

Always on the go

Always working with something

Whether it's knit, crochet or sew.

You have all the tools required

to create the latest fashion.

You make most of it up as you go along

As needlecraft is your passion!

You've done Austrian and Roman blinds

Scatter cushions galore

Aran jumpers for the kids

and curtains for the door.

We've had beautiful framed cross stich

Pretty embroidered hankies too

Scarves, hats and gloves galore

And knitted covers for the loo.

The sewing machine is always up

running off the latest trend.

You run things up and take 'em in

Adjust them to make amend.

I so admire your creative mind

Keeping busy is your pull

Although I worry that one day

I'll find you buried under wool!

(Anyway Happy Birthday

Your (00) today

I'd send you a homemade birthday card

But wouldn't know where to start!)

Fly Fishing Themed Verse

Armpit high in rubber

Is how your free time's spent

Paddling about in water

You're remarkably content!

But it's not a strange weird fetish

That you are suffering with

The facts are even stranger -

It's the fact that you Fly Fish!

Evenings and weekends

Whenever you get a pass

You can be found down by the waterside

amongst the rushes and the grass.

You're tooled up with all fishing gear

Terrestrials, Streamers and Wet flies.

You use all the terminology

The wherefores and the whys.

Exaggeration is expected

As all fishermen do portray

Using their arms the size of their catch

and the one that got away!

But despite taking the mickey

of what Fly Fishing's about.

I am extremely partial

To a nice bit of rainbow trout.

So on this, your special day

Our love and best wishes take

Cause we know that the next opportunity

You'll be fishing down the lake!

Disney Themed Verse

You have a wicked DVD collection

Each one's a massive hit

You've personally met most of your favourites

and have photographs to show it.

You are completely enchanted

in the magic you get lost.

Every year you follow them somewhere

regardless of the cost.

A house full of memorabilia

like it's the latest of high fashion

But you so obviously love it

As Disney is your passion.

How many of you are old enough to remember the famous
Cricket Tea Towel explaing the rules of Cricket to a foreigner? 
Well I remember and if it's acceptable the following verse is a new take on an old favourite.

Cricket Themed Verse

Cricket is a funny game

That much we know is true

The teams can play in their pyjamas and the rules -

take a bit of getting used to.

Two sides play - that's normal

One side is out, one's in.

The side that's in, is tried to get out

and each player got out, goes in!

This continues on until-

all the side that's in, is got out

Then they change over and do it all again.

Now what's that all about!

It gets even more confusing

As sometimes men are not out and still in

And once both sides have been in and got out

That we find out which side wins!

You're such a Cricket Fanatic

You watch, you listen and play

But for sure you won't get under any feet

As Cricket takes you out all day!

Street Dance Enthusiast

You’re a (boogie/body) popping Princess

Who so loves the dance style - Street.

All dat’ Bouncing, Jerking and Locking

Rarely off her feet.

Can’t say that we dig the music

But we so admire what you can do

All dat’ Tutting, Shuffling and Waving

 An’ what ya put ya body through!

So on this your’ (eighteenth) Birthday

There’s no chance of ya’ being blue

Cause we gonna make it a Hip-Hopping one

With us an' all the crew!

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