To Those Absent

I was fortunate and I guess the majority of us are, but so many aren't so lucky and my heart goes out to them. Weddings and marriages are such an emotional time at the best of times, but with a parent or a sibling missing it's a bitter sweet time. Here are verse "to those absent" suitable for cards, speeches and to place on the gravestones of those dearly loved and sorely missed.


During the wedding breakfast

It is traditional to recall

Loved ones who have sadly passed

and today are absent from us all.

To live through this day without my(relative)

Without them present to make my memories

Is something I did not want to do

It is difficult for me.

But, on this my Wedding Day

In joyous memory.

Of my beloved (relative)

Please stand and raise your glass with me.

Bride to her late father

I know that you are with me

I can feel you all around

I know that you will see the tear

as I stand in my Weddding Gown.

I will close my eyes for just a bit

and imagine you are here.

Standing beside me, holding my hand.

It feels good feeling you near.

I will feel your reassurance

I will feel you by my side

As I make my way to my Husband-

to be his forever loving bride.

Is this one a bit weird? Not sure, please tell me. I wrote this one for a Bride as if written by her late father . . .

On this day, your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

becomes a lucky man's wife.

I may not be there in person

To walk you down the isle

To hold your hand and calm your nerves

and to see your dazzling smile.

I'm so proud of all you have become

I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter

Not just for today but always

My princesses, Happy ever after.

Please raise your glass and toast with me

To the Groom and to the Bride

May they remain as happy as they are today

Sat there side by side.

This one is not so strange, at least I don't think it is.

On this day your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

Becomes some lucky man's wife.

I just wanted to share with you

Some words that were shared with me

From your Dad before he passed away

as he bounced you on his knee.

He had thoughts about the "boyfriend stage"

They filled him full of dread

He didn't know how he'd handle that

All things going round his head.

But your wedding day was different-

he saw you settled and secure-

all grown up and sorted.

No longer immature.

I know he would have loved this day

To have shared this day with you

He dreamed for you to be happy

After all you have been through

So through me, I send his love

and best wishes for your day.

He'll wish it to be special for you

In every possible way.

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