Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested?
The first thing I just have to promote here is the very company that makes this website happen . . SBI
100% Tried and Tested - 100% Recommended.


Do you have a talent or a passion or something you wish to share?
Could you be looking for a web host? SBI is there!
You can be totally creative 100% true to what’s about you.
No two SBI sites are ever the same, as the uniqueness comes from YOU!
It’s not some get rich quick scheme - It’s a system tried and true.
And if I can use it anyone can, so there should be nothing stopping you!
Of course I had my reservations as any normal person would.
I didn’t believe in myself at all, html and websites! Just didn’t think I could.
But SBI make it easy as they take you through day by day.
The tools that become available make building your website child’s play.
I could go on with praising . but you’d get sick of the sound of my voice.
So instead please hear from real people who have taken the SBI choice.
The freedom that you read about within the pages you’ll read here.
Are real and are very achievable growing year after year after year.

The guys and gals at SBI just love to be bothered and badgered!
Click here to ask all your questions.


Ok, Ok forgive me, most, if not all of the pages found on this site are in celebration of one thing or another. Generally when we celebrate something we give gifts or momento's to show we care.
Showing that you are being thoughtful does not necessarily mean having to spend lots of money.
Isn't it always nicer to recieve something that has taken some time, effort and thought, rather than something off the shelf and too generous?
Well I think so, so here I intend to grow some absolutely great options "Tried and Tested" for accompanying those ultra thoughtful cards/letters you send.

My first highly recommended, tried and tested site has to be Photobox. An absolutely great site for personalised gifts for all size pockets.
I'll give you a couple of applications . . . . .

Example 1
Age 6 years of age, my son's best friend at school, left to move to Australia. From a previous birthday party a photograph of the two of them was uploaded to Photobox. I bought a mug with the photo on one side on the other I had printed his email address. Now, I know, at the age of 6 the last thing they were going to do was email each other, but at any point in the future he'd have picked up that mug, smiled and at least he knew how to contact an old friend.

Example 2
For a really lovely thoughtful Valentine Gift, my brother gathered some of the best photo's of his time with the love of his life and designed online the most lovely Photobook ever! With a bright red cover and some lovely captions under some of the photos, it was one of the most relative inexpensive but most thoughtful and very well received gifts.

Example 3
How about send your party invitations with a photo of the Birthday Gal/Guy on the front of the card with a party invitation in verse printed inside from this site?

Leave "Tried and Tested" and click this link to head home.

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